The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – ‘Sheikh Chilli’ Producer InStine On Working With Raftaar And More

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In the latest episode of The Fifth Element, Dee MC invited a music producer from the Desi rap scene for the first time. Till now emcees, beatboxers and bgirls/bboys have joined Dee on different episodes. In this week’s episode she invited a producer, who are essentially the backbone of every song made. Still, they don’t get the props they deserve!

If you have heard Raftaar’s infamous track ‘Sheikh Chilli’ but failed to note who the producer was, you’ll understand the problem we’re acknowledging. Producer of the track that is about to hit a 100 million very soon is InStine from the crew Mumbai’s Finest. He has been making music for upwards of a decade now but ‘Sheikh Chilli’ can definitely be called as his breakthrough project.

Speaking to Dee MC about the origins of his music journey, InStine touched on several important dos and don’ts for music producers in the rap scene. He also shared his experience working on the track ‘Sheikh Chilli’. “Ninja who is a bboy and emcee, as well as Ace knew Raftaar very well and Raftaar had asked him about any new producers that he knew. So Ninja put me in touch with Raftaar. Initially we were just casually chilling and playing games most of the time. Raftaar already had the lyrics ready for Sheikh Chilli as well as the track after it. So all he needed was a beat, which I created in two days,” says InStine.

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He further shared that his experience working with Raftaar was great and that he has more projects with him lined up in future. One of the most important things Sajid aka InStine spoke of was the aspect of royalties and the different types of royalties music producers should be aware of. He stressed on the importance of being aware of the legal side of things so you don’t get cheated by anyone. Golden words from an artist with 1o years of experience!

In the near future, InStine is set to drop 3 different EPs of 3 tracks each ranging from chill hop lofi beats to old school hip hop beats. He also has a EP coming with his crew Mumbai’s Finest, apart from the solo projects he has sent beats for to multiple emcees. Watch the full episode given above to know all the knowledge dropped by him!

As for us, we bring to you the hottest drops of Desi Hip Hop every week, while Dee MC drops knowledge bombs in the episodes of ‘The Fifth Element’. Tune in with her every Tuesday at 9pm IST and don’t forget to let us know your views. We’re quarantined, but hip-hop don’t stop!