The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC Featuring NME Graffiti & Battle Rapper X-Centrik


Every week on Tuesdays, Dee MC invites artists from all elements of hip hop. For a live session that discusses the fifth most ignored element of hip hop i.e. knowledge. Till now we have had emcees, beatboxers, bboys and bgirls and even DJs and producers on board. Last week’s episode had graffiti writer NME join us as well as the first battle rapper on our show, X-Centrik.

The Fifth Element aims at spreading the true message of hip hop, unity through movement. While lockdown has cornered us in a way, our access to the world through internet makes it easier to stay connected. While rapping as an element usually takes the spotlight, Dee tries to invite and speak about artists from all the elements of hip hop especially Graffiti which is quite underrated. Before inviting the artists Dee also runs through her Hot 5 list for the week. These tracks get updated on our Global Hip Hop playlist specially curated by Desi Hip Hop. Check it out below!

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Talking to Dee about his journey as a graffiti writer, NME shared the depths of his artistry and how it all started. NME recalls being introduced to SlumGods back in 2012 and that is how his hip hop journey began. Now a renowned artist, he has had his own share of struggles in his off-beat field. One of his selfless acts was his teaching stint at The Dharavi School of Hip Hop run by TDDP. Where NME used to teach graffiti write and calligraphy to over ten-fifteen students.

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His journey has taken him from India to Brazil where him and along with Graffiti writers like Mooz and Zake represented India. NME recalls the whole experience as being a learning curve. He also loved the hip hop scene in Chennai and how popping the Graffiti scene there is. We’re super fans of this multitalented artist who also does mind blowing illustration. His illustration pieces are a mix of colourful and bold expression.

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The second artist to join Dee is this week’s episode was battle rapper X-Centrik. A part of India’s pioneer battle league known as Battle Bars Bombay, X-Centrik has made a name for himself through the series of battles he’s done on the league over the years. Having battled seasoned veterans like That Dude AJ, X has grown impeccably as an artist. B3 India is out with a unique online battle rap event called the Open Season.

X-Centrik joined us on The Fifth Element to share the details about registering for the battles. Furthermore, his own battle with Shreyas released on Tuesday. Watch the full episode to know all the details about Open Season and check out the battle between X-Centrik and Shreyas below!