The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – Episode 3 Featuring Agsy And Pratika

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‘The Fifth Element’ is coming to your quarantined screens every week and in her own words Dee MC aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. If you haven’t seen the first episode we’re here to give you a gist of what’s in store for you in this weekly live session.

Tuning in every Tuesday night at 10pm IST, Dee MC runs through her hot 5 picks of the week as well as invites guest emcees to chat and spit some bars live for the audience. You can check the hot 5 of the week picked by Dee in the below link. Some of these tracks make it to our Global Hip Hop Playlist specially curated for all Desi Hip Hop fans.

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This week’s live session was all about girl power as Dee MC was joined by not one but two amazing female artists. Tuning in first was a multitalented up and comer named Pratika. Pratika has lot of talents up her sleeves, playing bass, singing and now rapping to name a few. The artist promoted her latest release titled ‘Burn’ on the live session with Dee and gave insights about how the project came to be. Produced by Calm from Seedhe Maut, ‘Burn’ is an angsty track about the evils of society. Pratika’s fiery English bars coupled with the high note chorus is quite commendable.


The next artist to join the live session was someone who rose to fame last year through MTV Hustle. In fact Desi Hip Hop was one of the first to support her first music video, as the artist told us herself on the live session. Going by the moniker Agsy, her rap name means Aag-si (fire like). After her successful appearance in the reality TV show, Agsy has been releasing music non-stop.

Watch episode 3 of ‘the fifth element’ to see Pratika and Agsy’s fiery verses here –


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Agsy was invited by Dee MC to promote her latest releases ‘Rap Game’ featured in the Hot 5 of the week, as well as ‘Baby’ featuring Sikander Kahlon. Agsy made sure to give her props to Dee, who according to her has been holding it down for the females alone for quite some time. She mentioned time and again that its been encouraging to see Dee’s growth who started before her in the rap scene.

Both the emcees had a wonderful session which has led to an agreement to collaborate soon. One can only imagine the fire that awaits both their fan bases! The female artists also briefly discussed how it feels to be a female in this male dominated scene. Agsy’s latest drop ‘Baby’ with Sikander Kahlon is a breezy RnB and Hip-Hop joint where the rapper is bringing a melodious flavour like never before. She performed both her releases for the audiences and signed off with a shout-out to Dee as well as Desi Hip Hop.

Check out ‘Baby’ by Agsy ft. Sikander Kahlon here –

It’s a treat to see more female rappers joining the ever growing rap scene in South Asia. Next week we’ll be back with the Hot 5 of the week picked by Dee MC. And joining her for the live session will be Mumbai’s favourite Gully boy – MC Altaf. Be sure to tune in!