The Fifth Element Live With Dee MC – D-Chyper shares his experience with LL Cool J!

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In another episode of the live session hosted by Dee MC, we saw beatboxer D-cypher share one of his best experiences yet as an artist. It’s any hip hop artists’ dream come true to come face to face with their idol and have a chance to showcase what they got. In such an instance, D-Cypher got the chance to go live with none other than hip-hop legend LL Cool J himself!

Gaurav Gambhir aka D-Cypher started as back as 2014 and has been one of the most sought out artists from the scene. Hailing from Virar, the beatboxer is a part of the hip-hop collective Bombay Lokal. Last week while LL Cool J was live on his instagram, D-Cypher sent out a request to join him and to his surprise was accepted by the OG! Reading out beatbox from his name, LL Cool J was more than excited to bring him live.

Once the request was accepted, what went down was nothing short of a historic moment for artists back in India. The mere five minutes D-Cypher got, he put to full use by first showcasing his beatbox skills. LL Cool J seemed to have lost all his cool continuously head-bobbing and vibing to Gaurav’s beatbox. The face he made is the international ‘that’s fire’ face we’ve all seen being in the hip-hop scene!

Watch Dee MC live with D-Cypher on another episode of ‘The Fifth Element’ –


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And it didn’t just stop there, as the legend now frequently gets Gaurav onto his live sessions and has discussed his amazing skills with some of his beatboxing community peers. So much so that LL Cool J wants to catch a glimpse of D-Cypher with his crew Bombay Lokal the next time around. Dee MC also had a word with D-Cypher about the beatboxing community and what the future holds for them.

Catch D-Cypher’s live session with LL Cool J here –


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D-Cypher has a newly started a weekly hip hop show with his crew mate Beatraw titled ‘Decipher This’ which is a beatbox tutorial series. The duo started another DYI series called ‘Dialogue with D-cypher and Beatraw’ which is an interview series. You can check them both out on their Instagram handle.

As for us, we bring to you the hottest drops of Desi Hip Hop every week, while Dee MC drops knowledge bombs in the episodes of ‘The Fifth Element’. Tune in with her every Tuesday at 10pm IST and don’t forget to let us know your views. We’re quarantined, but hip-hop don’t stop!