The Fifth Element With Dee MC – Graffiti Writer Mooz From Mumbai Shares His Experience


‘The Fifth Element’ is coming to your quarantined screens every week and in her own words Dee MC aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. If you haven’t seen the first episode we’re here to give you a gist of what’s in store for you in this weekly live session.

Tuning in every Tuesday night at 10pm IST, Dee MC runs through her hot 5 picks of the week as well as invites guest emcees to chat and spit some bars live for the audience. You can check the hot 5 of the week picked by Dee in the below link. Some of these tracks make it to our Global Hip Hop Playlist specially curated for all Desi Hip Hop fans.

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Till now Dee has had emcees and break dancers, as well as producer and beatboxers join her on the weekly sessions. For the first time this week she invited a well know graffiti artist on the show. This week’s special guest was Mumbai’s pioneer graffiti writer Mooz. At Desi Hip Hop, we aim to include all the elements of the culture and Graffiti is one element that has picked up pace only in the past few years.

In the latest episode of The Fifth Element, Dee MC and Mooz chatted about a lot of things from his origins in the hip hop scene to the future of Graffiti in India. Hailing from Virar, Mumbai, Mooz started off as a dancer in the hip hop scene. He always had a knack for artistry making drawings and sketches since childhood. After his admission into hip hop culture, Mooz was introduced to Graffiti via some friends.

Watch the episode of The Fifth Element featuring Graffiti writer Mooz –


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It was an instant attraction and he hasn’t looked back ever since 2014. Mooz also spoke of his 2018 trip to Brazil with three other Indian graffiti artists viz. Zake, NME and Zero. All the four artists learned a great deal from their international trip. Mooz recalls his excitement and how much his skills improved by observing artists from around the globe.

Quarantine hasn’t stopped the artistry in him from flowing onto canvasses. Recently Mooz put up a brilliant video showcasing his skills on a canvas. This video below was the result of this amazing experiment. We asked Mooz how he’s been coping up with the quarantine, and he shared details of the recent murals and designs made by him.


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We also spoke to him about what his experience has been dealing with cops and the government when it comes to spraying somewhere in the open. He shares his experience stating that a good dialogue explaining their situation usually clears any misunderstandings the cops might have. At the end of the day the spot you pick to paint is the most important thing he says.

We had a blast having Mooz live with us and we’re only looking forward to speak to more Graffiti artists as well as artists from all the elements of hip hop. Watch this week’s episode, and we’ll see you live on Tuesday at 10pm with your host Dee MC.