The Fifth Element With Dee MC – Frappe Ash On His Full Power Journey


Dee MC kicked off her weekly series ‘The Fifth Element’ coming to your quarantined screens every Tuesday at 10pm IST. In her own words she aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. Shows and other major events can be anticipated to be on a lockdown for several months due to the corona outbreak. However, the action doesn’t stop!

Till now guests like beatboxers like Dcypher and Beatslayer, emcees like MC Altaf, Tony Psyko, Poetik Justis, AGSY and Yoku have joined Dee on the live sessions. Last week’s guest emcee was none other than Delhi based Frappe Ash. One half of the duo known as ‘Full Power’, Frappe started his hip hop journey well over a decade ago. Starting off as an Insignian, he jumped ships from city to city until finally his education brought him back to Delhi.

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Even though neither Yungsta nor Frappe are originally from the city, their love for it knows no geographical bounds. Frappe recalled the times when things were only starting out in the Delhi rap scene. His journey further led him to represent Delhi in multiple shows, battles, workshops etc. Talking about music, the emcee remembered the memories behind making his debut album ‘Bet You Know’ that released last year. Boasting of hit numbers like ‘Surma’ and ‘Flex Babe’, the album set a benchmark for Frappe’s upcoming music.

After blessing the audience with a quick freeverse, Frappe further spoke of his future projects. A solo album, a collaborative album with Sez as Full Power, a multi-rapper collaborative project with several other Delhi rappers are just few things he has in store. 2020 locked us down but couldn’t lock up our musicality from flowing! Frappe Ash’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

For anyone who truly believes that success isn’t achieved overnight, Frappe’s journey is a true example of that. An architect by profession, his passion for music is something that he can never give up on. We’re stoked to see what the future holds for Full Power! Till then watch the full episode and tune in every Tuesdays at 9pm for a brand new episode of The Fifth Element hosted by Dee MC only on Desi Hip Hop Instagram!