The Fifth Element With Dee MC – DJ Blunt On Exploring Hip Hop’s First Element


‘The Fifth Element’ is coming to your quarantined screens every week and in her own words Dee MC aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. If you haven’t seen the first episode we’re here to give you a gist of what’s in store for you in this weekly live session.

Tuning in every Tuesday night at 10pm IST, Dee MC runs through her hot 5 picks of the week as well as invites guest emcees to chat and spit some bars live for the audience. You can check the hot 5 of the week picked by Dee in the below link. Some of these tracks make it to our Global Hip Hop Playlist specially curated for all Desi Hip Hop fans.

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On this week’s episode Dee MC invited a DJ for the first time on the show. As our attempt has been to cover all the elements of hip hop, it was amazing to get insight from a DJ’s perspective. Rahul Dhande aka Blunt has been pursuing hip hop since well above a decade now. The multi-talented artist is not only a DJ but also an emcee and producer. Moreover, Blunt has also put on his teaching hat for more than one occasion.

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Chatting with Dee MC about his journey in the Indian hip hop scene, Blunt also shared the knowledge he acquired in his studies abroad in UK. Having studied sound engineering from Birmingham, Blunt always had a keen sense for making music. He also had his home studio running open for rappers from the city to access. Known to be one of Bombay’s prominent DJs, Blunt was the resident DJ for multiple properties including Traphouse Deli and Hip Hop Samrajya.

DJ Blunt at Traphouse Deli

Furthermore, Blunt shared an announcement for his upcoming track which will be out in the month of August. Dee also spoke to him about his views on the virtual DJ sessions happening in the West and whether there’s a future for it here in India. Blunt was very optimistic in his answer while being realistic at the same time. He believes anything that can be done in the West can be achieved back here, with the right kind of setup and equipment. That is what’s lacking here in his opinion. Which we agree with!

Watch the full episode to know more and join us every single Tuesday for more knowledgable one on one talks like this one. Only on The Fifth Element hosted by Dee MC.