The Fifth Element With Dee MC – Delhi Rapper Yungsta Shares His Full Power Journey


If you’re quarantined at home and are looking to spruce up your week with a dose of Desi hip hop, look no further! Every single week on Tuesdays you can tune into the show specially curated by Dee MC herself. From emcees to bboys, graffiti writers to beatboxers and even DJs are invited as guest artists on this show called as The Fifth Element which is all about knowledge.

This week’s episode had Delhi based emcee Yungsta joining us live from his home town in UP. The discussion started off from the beginning of his hip hop journey which was almost a decade ago. Yungsta first discovered hip hop through internet much like any other 90s kid and eventually got introduced to a rap forum infamously known as ‘Insignia’. Insignia has given the rap scene some of the brightest gems and very little has been discussed about it when we talk about the history of Indian hip hop.

We further spoke with Yungsta about his move to Delhi for education and how he came across the city’s rap scene. Humbly he gave props to a lot of artists including an organisation run by artists known as the Underground Music League. They have hosted some of the city’s only hip hop gigs happening in early 2014 or so. There Yungsta met several other emcees including Enkore ABJ and Calm from Seedhe Maut as well as battle rapper MC Kode. When UML went out of operation these aforementioned emcees took it upon themselves to keep the gigs in Delhi rolling. That is how Delhi’s biggest battle rap league, ‘Spit Dope’ was formed.

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Yungsta is now a part of the duo named Full Power along with rapper Frappe Ash. Frappe joined the Delhi scene later on when his education landed him an internship in the city. Both these power packed emcees also hold a degree in Architecture. It won’t be wrong to say that they’re building a stage for themselves from the scratch like architects in the rap game too. Their debut album ‘Showtime’ released in 2018 and set the tone for the type of sound this duo aspires to create.

Left to Right – Yungsta and Frappe Ash aka Full Power

Yungsta signed off by talking a bit about his involvement in the hip hop collective ‘The MVMNT’ started by Sez. Their latest release ‘Kahani’ has a stellar verse by Yungsta, who is also working on a whole album with Sez as Full Power. Apart from that Yungsta mentioned three separate projects that he is currently working on, solo EPs as well as joint collaborations with various Delhi based artists. Watch the full interview to know more.

As for us, we bring to you the hottest drops of Desi Hip Hop every week, while Dee MC drops knowledge bombs in the episodes of ‘The Fifth Element’. Tune in with her every Tuesday at 9pm IST and don’t forget to let us know your views. We’re quarantined, but hip-hop don’t stop!