The Fifth Element With Dee MC – Bgirl FlowRaw Shares Germany Experience, Olympics And More

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Dee MC kicked off her weekly series ‘The Fifth Element’ coming to your quarantined screens every Tuesday at 10pm IST. In her own words she aims to bring hip-hop to the audience since there’s nothing happening in the outside world with hip-hop. Shows and other major events can be anticipated to be on a lockdown for several months due to the corona outbreak. However, the action doesn’t stop!

Till now guests like beatboxers like Dcypher and Beatslayer, emcees like MC Altaf, Tony Psyko, Poetik Justis, AGSY and Yoku have joined Dee on the live sessions. From the breaking community, pioneer Bboy Flying Machine joined Dee in one of the weeks and the second dancer invited to be live this week was Bgirl FlowRaw.

Being a female and daring to choose a path less travelled is a challenge that cannot be unseen. In our privileged lives, we often forget about those things that do not fall in our mind’s radar. Coming from a patriarchal society like India, being a female hip hop artist is earth shattering news in some homes. While sustaining a career is even more tougher.

A story on the same lines defines Deepa aka Bgirl FlowRaw’s journey as a bgirl from India who went on to do great things defying everyone’s expectations. FlowRaw spoke about her humble beginnings from the year of 2014, how she was inspired by fellow artist Bboy Example, how he helped her push her boundaries and get out of her comfort zone. Deepa paid her ode to Example, calling him an idol she always looks up to.

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We further spoke to her about her experience of flying to Germany to represent India at the Queen 16 battle. “Abraham who lives in USA saw my videos and approached me for Queen 16. He suggested my name to one of the organisers (Loopi & Eve) of the event and they sent me an invitation letter,” Deepa stated. It definitely was not a smooth ride, she had to face a lot of obstacles to make her way out of India.

“When Abraham spoke to sonic, he called me and said, ‘Even we got opportunities like this but no one was behind us to help. I know how it feels when opportunity comes and we can’t do anything. But I will try my best and you will represent India in Germany that’s my word’,” FlowRaw added. Bboy Sonic then hosted a fundraiser for her which helped her make her way to the competition in Germany.

We also spoke to her about the future of breaking in India, what it means to be a female in a male dominant scene, what the Olympics future for the breaking scene in India looks like. Watch our weekly live episode of The Fifth Element to know all about it. We drop knowledge every week with artists from all elements of hip-hop. Do not miss it this quarantine season!