Feyago Dedicates “Dhaak” In Festive Spirit To His City Kolkata

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Good things are here and great things are on their way. For starters, veteran Kolkata emcee Feyago has just dropped his first singleĀ from his upcoming album “Folk Rap”. And this song is a cut above the rest. Feyago seems ready to take on not just the Bangla Rap scene. But stir things up for the entire Indian Hip-Hop community too.

Sign Of Good Times

With this song, Feyago has put forward not only a showcase of his skill-set, but also presented his roots in a wonderful way. The video shows the emcee dancing to the tunes and having fun with the music. This was enough to let us all know one essential thing. The fact that he takes a special route towards defining and flowing with his music.

Feyago Latest Single Dhaak

Streetfood Music mixed Bengali folk music with Hip-Hop and produced the beat for the freeverse. It certainly rings the right bells because of how enjoyable it is to listen to. We really hope to see more ‘rooted’ content like this come through on his album. Also, we’d hope to see more of these kinds of concepts being used across the Indian Hip-Hop soundscapes.

Feyago Talk

We reached out to Feyago to discuss the latest freeverse and his upcoming album. He stated, “Dhaak was conceptualised on a Sunday morning in the month of February. I was on a flight home from a gig in Bangalore when I penned the lyrics to this song. I had been constantly travelling for the past four years, and that is probably what got me to miss my hometown, Kolkata. The more you travel, the more you begin to miss home, like Passenger talks about in ‘Let Her Go’.”

Feyago Latest Single Dhaak
Feyago further added, “As a full time independent musician facing the hardships of making ends meet, one tends to lose his or her sense of humour. This is probably why most of the underground content comes across as extremely serious. This was the first time I tried to write something fun. Life has been kind to me and I was beginning to get very high profile gigs and a growing fan base. This inspired me to try and make a song that spreads warmth and love as opposed to the usual cynicism with which I approach music. I wanted to create something that portrays the essence of Kolkata and blends that with the essence of hip hop.”

We are eager to listen to what else he has in store coming. Desi Hip-Hop wishes him all the best in his endeavours.

Watch the latest video below and spread the word!