Fateh Doe Teams Up With Dr. Zeus For “Yalla Yalla”


Seems like Fateh Doe has a lot of music in store for his fans. As a matter of fact, Fateh Doe can be seen in a brand new track called “Yalla Yalla”. Furthermore, the track is composed by the one and only Dr.Zeus. Fateh and Dr.Zeus collaborated after a very long time.

Yalla Yalla

Whenever these two artists work on a track, it automatically turns out to be a banger. On the other hand, Miraya lent her vocals to the track as well. Miraya is an upcoming talent and she did a really good job with her vocals. The track is penned by Miraya and the additional lyrics are penned by Marshall Sehgal and Mohammed Alawadh.  It was released via T-Series. Also, the track has Arabic samples and is a fun track to bump in your cars as well!

Significant lyrics from the track

“Saari raat tere te linaa maarde,

Ghar leaun nu haige tayar ne,

Ohh layi jaande zor, tu hoyijaandi bore,

Saap vangu teri taur, munde hogye kamjor.”

Fans Reaction On “Yalla Yalla” By Dr.Zeus, Miraya, And Fateh Doe

Click Here To Watch “Yalla Yalla” By Dr.Zeus, Miraya, And Fateh Doe

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On the other hand, Fateh also did a collaboration with one of the rising stars of Punjab, Mankirat Aulakh for a track called “Jail”. In addition, the track is a peppy number and Inder Pandori penned the lyrics. Also, the music for “Jail” is produced by Deep Jandu of “Agya Ni Ohii Billo Time Ni” fame. Furthermore, Sukh Sanghera did the video for the track.

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