Fateh Doe Dropped A Sick Verse In “Jail”


Fateh Singh, who goes by the moniker of Fateh Doe is a Toronto based rapper and is one of the illest rappers in the game as well. Most of all, his career began way back in 2012 but he got noticed when Dr.Zeus discovered his talent. Furthermore, he was in Bangkok and later, his family moved to Hayward, California. Consequently, his family then relocated to Toronto.

Fateh Doe-Jail Image

Now, talking about his new track “Jail” which was released on 4th August 2017. After the gap of few months, Fateh is back with his brand new collaboration. As a matter of fact, this time he is collaborating with one of the rising stars of Punjab, Mankirat Aulakh. In addition, the track is a peppy number and Inder Pandori penned the lyrics. Also, the music for “Jail” is produced by Deep Jandu of “Agya Ni Ohii Billo Time Ni” fame. Furthermore, Sukh Sanghera did the video for the track. Out and out, it is totally a chill track perfect to bump in your car!

Significant lyrics from the track

“Okay, agya ni billo ohi time,

Fikar na kari billo, rehnda main aa kaim,

Nakal marde dekhe, they can’t do it like I can,

Sacche yaar ne hamesha mere naal rehan.”

Stream “Jail” Here: