Exclusive Interview – Young Bone Slays Hypocrisy With “Keera Katey”

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Pakistan’s dynamic rapper Osama Ali aka Young Bone is all set to spread a message with his latest release. Sick of the societal double standards and hypocrisy, the rapper unleashes his wrath on those who have too much interest in meddling in other people’s business. In Hindi the term goes like “Bohot keera hai”. “Keera Katey” is exclusively released by DesiHipHop.com on YouTube & Facebook.

Watch Young Bone’s “Keera Katey” – OUT NOW!

young bone keera katey music video

We got in touch with Young Bone to know one on one about the experience behind this project. This is how it went.

What drove you towards hip hop music. How has the journey been so far?

Well it started back when I wrote poetry for my father when I was 13. Dad used to live away from the family and I used to write whenever I missed him, eventually it turned into songs and melodies then it turned into rap. I wanted to impress my classmates back then in Dubai but I had no money nor anyone to teach me so I had to learn production myself (pre-youtube days). Moreover, I’m 22 now and this is all I think about, its not about impressing anyone anymore, its more like a part of me now.

What was the process behind making “Keera Katey”? 

It was simple and natural, I was in the middle of an upgrade on my PC so I didn’t have any of my beats. Hence I just freestyled on a YouTube beat till i realised that its really going somewhere, so I went with the flow and within 48 hours I was listening to the final audio.

What’s the loud and clear message you wish to send through this track?

Stop judging, stop flexing and don’t bother me if I don’t bother you. “Sukoon ka saans lene do!”

How would you describe the hip hop scene in Pakistan? What do you think is the future of Desi Hip Hop?

Hiphop in Pakistan has such potential that if polished and supported it can do wonders! Recent accomplishment of Xpolymer Dar breaking into the mainstream with “Power Di Game” is a win for all Pakistani Hip Hop artists as it shows us that there is place for us in a market full of rock and pop artists. Overall South Asia is gradually maturing in Hip Hop with artists from India and Bangladesh bringing in different styles and vibes! Its pretty exciting, I can see a future with hip hop here becoming the powerhouse genre though there’s still a lot of awareness to be made and a lot of adjustment needed to the audience’s taste.

What’s in store for the future? Any message for our readers?

You’ve heard nothing yet! “Keera Katey” is like the beginning to me. Warm up is almost over and I’m done jabbing so you better watch out for the left hook (I’m lefty). My message; I really love everyone who supports me and DesiHipHop.com because DHH supports the culture and rappers like me and others that you love are the culture! Apka pyaar he warna mene kab ka chor dena tha yeh sab. Much love!!