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Verna is a Shoaib Mansoor film which is coming out in November, 2017. Islamabad-based rapper, Xpolymer Dar, is part of the news this time. He has recorded “Power Di Game” for Verna and desi hip-hop audience is already proud of him. Mahira Khan was the female lead in Shah Rukh Khan starer Raees. She is the leading lady in Verna as well. Including a hip-hop track in a Shoaib Mansoor film was an experimental step but no one can predict Shoaib’s next move. “This film has been written and directed by a man of Pakistan for the men of the world to listen to women. It is to encourage women to speak up,” said Shoaib on social media.

Xpolymer Dar is a Punjabi/Urdu rapper from Islamabad, Pakistan. His crew Rap Engineers is a renowned crew in the desi hip-hop community. Furthermore, Xpolymer Dar even introduced rap battle scene in Pakistan through They-See Battle League and has been a pillar in Pakistan’s hip-hop scene. We asked him about the story behind this collaboration with Shoaib Mansoor and his answer was inspiring. Dar suggests that Shoaib personally approached him for this track and co-wrote these powerful lyrics with him.

Stream “Power Di Game” by Xpolymer Dar here –

DesiHipHop.com got in touch with Xpolymer Dar to know more about his side of the collaboration.

Xpolymer Dar Recorded A Track For Mahira Khan Starer "Verna" Xpolymer Dar

Why were you the obvious choice for “Power Di Game”?

Initially, some mainstream names were being considered. However, Shoaib Mansoor had other ideas. He wanted someone from the roots who spoke for the roots and explored. As a result, he came across my name & work among others. One day I received a call from Verna‘s Assistant Director – Shahbaz Shigri that Shoaib Mansoor wants to meet. It all started from the meeting and has now become history.

“Power Di Game” is an energetic yet self-awakening track. How do you think it justifies the reality?

Shoaib Mansoor paints a precise, blunt and honest picture of our region. In fact, its an eye-opener for those who blind themselves from the flaws of our society. Likewise, its nothing but reality. On the other hand, these are issues that have to be discussed and have build awareness among common man. Moreover, I share these views and had zero shame in saying them out loud.


The team behind “Verna” is critically acclaimed. How was the experience working with them?

This has been my best professional and creative experience to date. In addition, I have learnt so much from everyone involved. Clearly, its has been an honor.

Are there any future projects lined up for Pakistan’s Cinema?

T.V. and Cinema have called us previously too but we have always avoided representing hip hop in an unreal way. Usually, they are looking at a rapper as a tool to add flavor to the track and spice things up with zero thought behind the content. I don’t step into that ball game. Some might disagree but that’s how I think. Nonetheless, there are things in pipeline both for TV and Cinema in a way we don’t have to compromise on content and quality.

You compromised on your signature flow which features twisted lyricism for this track. How do you think this was important?

I was in my comfort zone while doing this track. The only pressure I had was to get Shoaib Sir’s approval. Other than that I was completely loving the process and the way we did this track, I didn’t compromise on anything. There are certain aspects to my delivery that fans haven’t heard yet. This was one of them. There is more and more to come.