Exclusive Interview – “The Value” By DJ Prodiigy x Harry Cheema x Mohan Singh

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“The Value” featuring the finest Punjabi rappers in the desi hip-hop scene – Mohan Singh and Harry Cheema is finally out. DesiHipHop.com has exclusively released this joint. Both the rappers have established their solo careers. Their different approach to music creates a marvelous joint when clubbed together. DJ Prodiigy’s production surely increases the value of the track.


DesiHipHop.Com sat down for a chat with DJ Prodiigy and this how it went –

How did “The Value” come together as a record? 

Initially, it wasn’t an idea to have the two together; it just naturally happened that way! In 2014, I went to Chandigarh, and I met Harry Cheema at his studio. I showed Cheema the first demo version of the track, and he was vibing with the idea of the song, so he wrote and recorded a crazy verse for it. However, this version of the song had another artist on it, different lyrics and music. Things didn’t pan out as expected, so I shelved the track.

Months later, I revisited the track and made a whole new beat on it using Cheema’s verse. Then I came into contact with Mohan Singh, and I had already liked his music and lyrics from before, so I thought to myself that having Mohan Singh and Harry Cheema on the track would be a great idea! They both have different tones which compliment each other, and their vocals bring out the depth in the music.

DJ Prodiigy
Mohan and I discussed and brainstormed ideas for the record over the phone. The next day, he sent me his final verses and the hook! A few versions later, the vibe was finally set, and I made the last changes to the music and sent it over to XD Pro Music for mixing and mastering.

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Who are some artists and bands that have inspired and influenced your music?

I grew up listening to many different styles from artists and bands like RDB, B21, Pink Floyd, Dr. Dre, Skrillex, Armin Van Buuren to name a few. I usually listen to all sorts of new material daily whether it’s Hip-Hop, Bhangra or Bollywood, to stay updated with the current trends in the music industry.

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What genre would you call your sound? Is there a particular formula you use in your studio to create new music?

As a producer, I don’t categorize my sound. I feel that music is a form of art and art has no boundaries. Every song I produce is different in its own way. I always try to fuse all of my favourite genres and inspirations into a record. There are no set rules when I work in the studio, one day I’ll start a beat by programming the drums, and the next week I’ll be recording live with a piano or synth melody. Every day is a fresh session!

DJ Prodiigy