Exclusive Interview – Rapture Breaks Down “Abstract – Chapter One”

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Sameer recently dropped a #OneTake freeverse and its flames on a beat! In fact, there is a little story behind the concept of this video.

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Image: Rapture at Spit Dope Inc’s event at Raasta, Mumbai

To know about it, we reached out to Rapture who then suggested, “After dropping my mixtape Abstract – Chapter One, I got some great feedback. But deep inside, I knew that I haven’t gone all ‘super-saiyan’ with my pen on those tracks. Being a battle emcee, I’m prone to write punchlines and hard hitting bars. But when you’re making a track, you can’t just spit punches and rip schemes. You gotta flow smooth, be musical and sound good. So this freeverse was kinda like a revenge of my mixtape. Here, I went all in; with no barriers to cage or wall me from spitting straight punches and bars. One reason why I did it a capella”.

Significant lyrics from the freeverse –

Body-bagging MCs, leading with my pen seals, killing elementary
An immaculate entity developing since centuries
Integrity of this penmanship is a falony
As I’m crushing the bones and tendons of enemies.
Breaking every melody like deadly medley
Freedom and liberty is what verses set free,
Blessing of the ancient, no curses get me,
Fusion of Jackie Chan, Bruce and Jet Lee,
Don’t judge me yet B, if you’ve never ever met me

Watch the “Abstract #OneTake Freeverse” by Rapture here –

But Wait, Who Is Rapture Anyway?

Sameer “Rapture” Inamdar hails from Mumbai, India. In fact, if you’ve seen online desi hip-hop memes, Rapture is the one behind them. Due to his witty humor, he has been receiving consistent hate from the people who get offended very easily. Anyway, Rapture stepped into this hip-hop scene almost two years ago and wants to try each and every aspect of hip-hop. Freedom of expression in hip-hop attracts people the most. Same has been the case with Rapture.

Being a battle MC, Rapture shows no mercy while writing. He has always been a loud-mouth who is considered as a braggadocio. At times, Rapture is muffled but he is remorseless. For the same reason, Rapture has been using rhyme schemes in his battles – to show no mercy. Lets admit it, he is good at it even if he’s not the best. The guy has battled in Battle Bars Bombay twice and is the finalist for Rap Wars. This event will take place at BITS Pilani in November. Rapture is going head to head with MC Kode for the title in B3’s next event.

Rapture mentioned his mixtape Abstract: Chapter One above. This is his mixtape which came out recently and features five tracks namely – Intro, From the Bay, I’m the Shit, Don’t Look At Me and Where’s Your Heart, Homie. In fact, From the Bay features another Mumbai-based battle rapper – X-CentriK. Furthermore, the video of this track came out first and blew us away. If you’re sleeping on it, you’re missing out on some really great stuff. I’m the Shit features Ankit & Lord Vish, Don’t Look At Me features Gravity from Bombay Lokal while Where’s Your Heart, Homie features Praosh.

Breaking Down Rapture’s “Abstract: Chapter One”

We sat down with Rapture to know more about the concept to which he said, “The whole scene is full of rappers who are aimlessly dropping tracks. Hiding behind labels like ‘Concious rappers’, ‘Conceptual emcee’ and shit. I started the Abstract Series to break this barrier of artist sticking to one thing to maintain an audience and be consistent.”

When asked about the production end, Rapture explained, “The instrumental is piece a of Run The Jewel’s song “Legend Has It” produced by El-P. Second track, “From the Bay” talks about Bombay city. While X-CentriK breaks down the rap scene of the bay and talks about shit rappers do here, I talk about what goes around in the city and what I stand for. The track is originally sampled by Chase Moore from “West Coast Spitters” for KOTD battle videos. I re-sampled it, looped it and turned it into a whole track.”


“Third track, “I’m the shit” features member of Allegionz – Ankit and Vishal. As the title suggests, we talk about how we’re better than everyone and how we do it. All three of us have different styles which adds the abstractness to the track. The Instrumental used is “Run The Jewels – Panther like a Panther” Third track, “Don’t look at me” is a remix of Xxxtencation’s hit “Look at me” featuring Gravity of Death Clutch Music and Bombay Lokal. He then broke it down even more by saying, “We both were at our prime on this track. We both talk about how we’re annoyed and disgusted by the hypocrisy around. While I do with sharp flows, Gravity took the dark path“, he added. 

How is every song related to the Abstract series?

Fourth and the last track of this chapter features a new face from Delhi who is based in Mumbai now, Pranav Arora a.k.a Praosh. The last track is most chilled and the smoothest of them all. The track is titled “Where’s your heart, homie?” where we to talk to all the artists out there and question them about their action. We both broke down the trends and current social activities. I took it to an emotional level while Praosh talks to you about being practical. The whole tape is recorded and mixed by Praosh too. 

Rapture suggested that the Chapter Two of Abstract series is lined up as well

This is the Chapter One, Chapter Two is in the making. While chapter one was an experiment, it was a non-profit project. Chapter Two will hopefully be available on all major platforms. As the name goes, the whole tape is Abstract AF. The songs are sonically set in an order, apart from that there is absolutely no connect between tracks. Wait for the second chapter to come out. Till then, download the first chapter here.

Watch Rapture rocking DesiHipHop.com merchandise in the music video of “From the Bay” featuring X-CentriK here –