“Raftaar Paji Has Always Been There For Us”| Exclusive Interview – Puneet Kohli And Marshall The Third


Finally, the underground artists are backed by some labels now. As a matter of fact, Delhi based rappers Puneet Kohli and Marshall The Third dropped a banger called “$100 Dollar Bill” featuring Thee Emenjay which is powered by One Digital Entertainment and the whole project is conceived by AK Projekts.

$100 Dollar Bill

Talking about the track, the track is produced by Muzik Mafia. Daleep Singh did the direction for the video and Marshall did the editing for the same. Puneet and Marshall are killing the scene by dropping something out of the box every time and inspiring every upcoming rapper to try something different from the league. I approached both of them and this how our conversation went. Let’s check out what they have to say about “$100 Dollar Bill “.

How are you feeling about your first mainstream track?

Feeling great! Another achievement unlocked! Receiving loads of love from the mass audience, alongside enjoying some very unique criticism from the underground audience. All in all, it turned out pretty well.

Puneet Kohli raftaar

How did Ak Projekts approach you for the track? Did Ankit Khanna hear this track before?

Ankit Khanna already had some idea about our music through Raftaar paji. Since it was a mainstream type track, we mailed it to him and he reverted soon.

What is your equation with Raftaar? Did he help you guys on the track “100 Dollar Bill”?

May be not in person on this particular track, though he was the first one to share it on social media. Raftaar paji has always been there for us, since the time of the Chill (raamix) scene, and he has helped us several times. Perhaps, at present, he is the only artist who is trying to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream hip-hop.

Puneet Kohli-Marshal The Third Image

Apart from you two, there is Emenjay in the track as well? Who Approached who?

The track, “$100 Bill” was actually recorded about a year back, and we don’t really remember who approached whom, but soon we’ll be working with Thee Emenjay again.

What are your upcoming projects? Are they going to release through AK Projekts?

We are still open to all the hip-hop platforms. As every platform has developed its own particular type of audience, first, we would choose which platform suits which track of ours, and then it’s obviously up to the labels to like it or otherwise.

Marshall The Third

DesiHipHop.com feels proud that we are the ones who noticed this amazing talent and we are happy that we are associated with these two artists. We wish them all the luck and we hope they always put out dope work.

Watch “$100 Dollar Bill” Here:

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