Exclusive Interview – Neeru Pal Gets Nostalgic About Family And Past In “Tamancha”

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You might not recognise this sweet looking girl from Dehradun but trust us, she is a beast in disguise. We know for a fact that hip-hop has always been a male-dominated industry. But every now and then, a female rapper comes to shift the dominance. This time, its Neeru Pal. She has recently released “Tamancha” and its quite impressive. Furthermore, Neeru’s lyrical skills are bold and on-point on “Tamancha”.

Rahul Bauriyan took the initiative of producing the instrumental for Neeru. In fact, Rahul managed to give “Tamancha” an aggressive/storytelling vibe. In our chat with Neeru, she suggested that Rahul is like an elder brother to her and has always supported her. RB Media Works are credited for the engineering of the track. In addition, they’re the ones who shot and edited the visuals as well. We sat down for a little chat with Neeru Pal and asked her a few questions.


What was it that actually inspired you to write “Tamancha”?

“Tamancha” is all about my emotions. I’ve seen a lot in this young age already. There is a line in the song, “Kachi umar thi samajh aaya nahi bhaampna, upar se sar par baap na.” It describes what I’ve went through. I felt like nothing was going in the right direction and all I was left with was disappointment. My grandmother passed away before I wrote the song and since I was close to her, I was shattered. I thought of writing “Tamancha” to channelise my emotions and despair in the right direction.

How did Rahul Bauriyan get involved with the project?

Rahul has been working in the field of hip-hop for over five years now. He has recently started his own studio with a proper set of required equipment. I met him and casually spat “Tamancha” for him and luckily, he liked it a lot. He took it on himself to give this track a new life. In fact, Rahul is like an elder brother to me. He is the only guy who has been supporting me since day one. Shout outs to Rahul Bautiyan from RB Media Works!

What is the most special thing about this project?

The last verse on this track is dedicated to my mother. “Log poojey Durga Maa ko, Maine pooja meri maa ko”. It was her birthday as well so its kind of a gift for her from my side. In addition, its a true story. That’s it.

What are you working on now and what’s in store for future?

“Kaanch” might sound like a weird name but this track is also very close to my heart. After that, I’ve two-three pending collaborations out of which one is with one of the most renowned rappers from Delhi underground scene. I’m not going to reveal the name. Let them guess it.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Kaan mein goonj toot-ti choodiyon ki aati hai,
Aur ek wo manhoos jo karne aaya tha mehfooz,
Han dil mera paak sa, wo zehreela saanp tha,
Kachhi umar thi, samjh aaya nahi bhaampna.”

Watch the music video of “Tamancha” by Neeru Pal here: