Exclusive Interview – Mumbai’s Finest Raps It Out To Escape Cops!

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Mumbai’s Finest is the first rap crew from Mumbai, India. In fact, they are a complete hip-hop collective that includes Rappers, Producers, Beatboxers, and B-Boys. As a matter of fact, they are known to be the pioneers of rap and hip-hop in Mumbai. MF is a live hip-hop act, members of which have been making music independently since 2006.

Mumbai's Finest

Moreover, they recently created history by being the only independent rap crew to win 3 awards at the Radio City Freedom Awards as the ‘Best Rap/Hip Hop Artist’. Furthermore, the current members of this hip-hop crew are Ace, Diefferent (formerly known as Kinga Rhymes), Nasty Ninja, I’n’Stine, D- Hood, and Adro.

As a matter of fact, they released a track called “Do This Till My Death” from their album “Mumbai Till I Die”. In fact, this is a song that dwells on the experience of the crew’s encounter with cops and how they rapped their way out of it. It’s a Hinglish song that embraces their love for rap and passion to be a part of the hip-hop culture till their life ends. 

Diefferent did the music for the track while Mawali from Swadesi did the Marathi voice over. Rahul Parmar did the mixing and Fuzz Culture, Studio Fuzz, Delhi mastered the track. Also, Ace executed the video for the track which is powered by  Qyuki Music. DesiHipHop thought of having a conversation with Mumbai’s Finest. We got in touch with Ace and this is how it went, take a look.

So Mumbai’s Finest dropped a new video from their album. Tell us more about it?

We dropped a lyric video for ‘Do This Till My Death’. It is a story telling track based on an actual encounter we had with the cops and how we rapped our way out, literally! It is from our album ‘Mumbai Till I Die’.


Tell us about your views on your journey till now? Was it easy to survive in the Indie hip-hop scene?

It is a blessing to still rap and do what we love. It was definitely not easy to survive but we made it through anyway. 12 years deep and we’re still authentic and relevant. Knowledge is Power.

 Ace, you met A.R. Rahman. Is there any song coming up with him?

Yes, I have met A. R. Rahman Sir a couple of times and it is a great feeling that he knows me and appreciates what I do. We have already done a song called ‘Yaara’. MF’s Bollywood Debut produced by Sohail Sen will release soon. My solo album is on the way too.

AceAce with A. R. Rahman

5. Some Mumbai’s Finest members also featured on Hard Kaur’s mixtape. What do you think of her initiative?

Yes, Nasty Ninja is featured on her tape. We know Hard Kaur personally as well. She is a great person and we get to learn from her a lot. We appreciate the initiative and respect the grind. The scene of hip hop in India has already changed and all the artists are responsible for that. Love and Respect to everyone doing it!

Nasty NinjaNasty Ninja on the mic

Watch the video for “Do This Till My Death” By MF Below –