Exclusive Interview – ‘My Moment’ With Haji Springer And AO


Haji Springer and AO’s “My Moment” released through DesiHipHop.com only two days ago.  “My Moment” resonates with all the Brown people in the world, who have at some point in their life had to fight for their passion. Choosing an artistic lifestyle is something that doesn’t settle well with Brown parents, and this track addresses that issue. A lot of emotional stories are attached to the making of this music video.


Rappers Haji Springer and AO have beautifully laid out their lyrics on Shay’s production. Furthermore, AO and Shay who are brothers have portrayed their own characters in the music video. We got in touch with them to know more about the joint. Take a look –

My Moment gives the message of following your dreams and putting in work to achieve them. Would you like to elaborate this message?

Yes, this song is also about breaking the stereotypes and the norms our culture faces.  We put a subtle story-line within this video showing an Indian mom eventually accepting her son’s love for music which is something that is still considered unorthodox in our culture.  We want to show everyone that even if your goals or dreams deviate from the path we are “supposed” to be on, it is okay.  That passion within yourself will ultimately prevail.


My Moment’s music video sees a nostalgic story-line. Is it your own story?

We definitely tried to capture our come up in this video.  My brother Shay and I had countless encounters in which our parents (mom specifically) would get frustrated because they did not get what we were doing.  Us telling them we were working in the studio was not understood.  The frustration is captured in the video.  It took time before our parents realised that music is something both my brother and I are very passionate about and most, if not all of our emotional and mental capacity is consumed by this passion.  They know there is bigger purposes for this.  


How is this collaboration different from your previous ones with Haji Springer?

Haji and I did “On the Low” as our first single together which did very well.  This project is different because now we are doing a full EP.  The Desi Hip Hop scene hasn’t seen a collaboration like this before.  This is going to be something special and we hope it creates excitement.  The game is changing and evolving! We want this EP to be at the forefront of this culture shift.


Haji is already a common name among the Desi Rap followers in South Asia. What are your expectations from the crowd here AO?

Haji gave us the opportunity to showcase our talents to the following he has established in South Asia as well as Desis globally with this project.  We’re excited to hear the reaction.  We want to establish our foothold in the same.  Shay and I are that next generation ready to make noise in the Desi hip hop scene.  


Which rap artists from South Asia are you guys familiar with, whose work do you like and follow?

Well obviously we were introduced to this game by Haji who’s the big brother.  We’ve also always have had major respect for Bohemia.  It was a blessing when he showed us love with for the “On the Low” single.  Big ups to Fateh Doe who is torching the game right now.  We hope we can hop on a collab with him at some point.  PAM is another dope artist coming up in the game.  PropheC is a G along with Deep Jandu and Camo.  Want to give a shout out to Mickey Singh and Amar Sandhu also even though they are not necessarily hip hop, but they have some GREAT music.  It’s just awesome to see how much this scene has grown and will continue to evolve.  The world better watch out!!! 

Watch the music video of “My Moment” featuring Haji Springer and AO –