Exclusive Interview – Meet Sha Vlimpse, Rising U.S. Bangladeshi Rap Star


Hip Hop has become a global phenomena over the past decade, touching lives of different people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Over the years the number of Desis emerging into the rap scene has also seen a steep increase. One of such super talented Vedesi Desi rapper is Sha Vlimpse. An immigrant From Bangladesh, currently living in New Jersey, USA – he’s the upcoming rap star.

“If Raps a Black and White thing than you gotta be gullible
Cause the Kid from Bangladesh is Here to make it Multicultural”  – Sha Vlimpse.

sha vlimpse

DesiHipHop.com got in touch with Sha Vlimpse for a one on one conversation, to let our readers know more about his music and life. Here’s how it went –

What’s your plan to move forward as an upcoming rap artist?

I just wanna grow my fan base. I wanna make sure the maximum number of people are reaching out to my records which I’ve put out already. I wanna grow my fan base,  specially right here. I mean among my locals. Bangladesh showed me love already, but I wanna reach to other Asian countries as well. Most importantly, I want my local community get to know about me.

Will kill rappers for money!!

How many record did you put out till now?

Well, I’ve got 4 records out till now. They are available on my YouTube channel, as well as on my Facebook page and SoundCloud account.

What is your upcoming project?

Ah! It’s kinda secret, but I’ll tell you. I’m working on a project right now that  I’d like to name SYNOPSIS. I’m done with my booth session. But I wanna drop it with a video clip. So right about now,  I’m working on it. I can’t assure you about the releasing date right now, but yes! It’s coming soon.

If you have an opportunity to make a collaboration project with another desi artist, then whom would you pick?

There’s so many good rap artists out there, I can’t lie. But I would love to make a record with BLACK ZANG  or Anik Khan.

With Anik Khan Vlimpse with Anik Khan

What’s your views on the current Bangladeshi Hip Hop scenario?

Bangladesh hip hop scene is growing fast. But people really don’t show love and appreciation as much as we expect. And I meant foreign living Bengali emcees. We expect more support and appreciative postures from our people. I’m sure with time, it will change. But there’s been a platform that has shown love to me and many Bangladeshi artists from the beginning – it’s Planet Hip-Hop. They have been there from day 1. Every time I drop a record they showed me love and appreciation. A big shout for their team!

What’s the secret behind your movement?

My team, and my friends are my team. They have been supporting me from day 1. That’s my secret, that’s my team. And they are a massive part of my movement.

Any message for those people who have been listening to you?

I wanna say, thank you all. Keep showing that love and support. As an artist that’s the best gift I can ever get from you guys. I really do appreciate that. Keep that positive vibe alive. I’m Sha Vlimpse, from Bangladesh. Thank you DesiHipHop.