Exclusive Interview – MC Heam Ready To Drop Knowledge Through Kaliyug


MC Heam is super excited about his music video Kaliyug that drops on Sunday, July 16th. Desi Hip Hop has been giving you update about the inside stories of the track for a while now. We recently got in touch with MC Heam to get some more information for you all, just 1 day before the release of his video.

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Tell us an insight of what Kaliyug is about?

Kaliyug is all about third world order. We are really close to the end of this world. I drew inspiration from Holy Scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata and poured it all into this track, Ram Ka Kaliyug.

How did RAT get involved? How was the experience working with them on this video?

It was a great experience working with RAT. They are extremely professional and what I love about them is that they understand the vision of an artist. In 2012 this guy DIGIFAKEER met me in Dharavi. At that time he was working on Mandala Production project where I was involved too for music. We met there and he told me ‘Heam we got to work together’ and after 6 months he hit me up and told me to come to Mumbai. He said I’d shoot the video of RAM KA KALYUG, which is now KALIYUG.

Any memorable moments from the shoot or recording?

Well there were lots of memorable moments. Like while shooting I was scared because I like to stay behind camera but Digifakeer kept on motivating me. He said don’t worry I am here, let’s do this, just trust me.
It was December I was shivering in the chilly night. In Kaliyug music video y’all can see I am sitting beside a pond so you can understand what pain I was passing through. But Digifakeer’s words kept me motivated. Also, my gut feeling kept on telling me you have to do this! This experience changed me as a person too.

MC Heam-Kalyug music video Image

Quote your favourite line from the track and explain it.


Human race has become selfish, greedy and self-centered so all of us can understand the meaning of this line.

What’s next in pipeline after Kaliyug?

I have lots of things in pipeline. I don’t want to talk about it. I’d love to drop them without over hyping it just like I did with KALIYUG’s music video.

Well MC Heam’s work speaks for itself. His fans have been patiently waiting for the release of this music video. MC Heam is about to change the game of Hindi rap with Kaliyug! While the video drops in a day, watch the first look from Kaliyug music video here –