Exclusive Interview – MC Heam Makes Bollywood Debut With “Ey Chhote Motor Chala”!

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As we have highlighted earlier, Bollywood is all set to catapult Hip-Hop in India to newer and greater heights than ever before. A stellar example of this is the recent boom in interest from Bollywood directors and movie stars towards the music. Bombay seems to be the centre of a huge movement and the emcees in and around Bombay are slowly but steadily getting a few breaks by being able to showcase themselves alongside Bollywood acts.

The latest of these examples is MC Heam’s debut Bollywood track “Ey Chhote Motor Chala” from the upcoming movie “Beyond The Clouds”. The best part about this is that the score for this movie is composed by A.R Rahman. Composed by the Indian Musical legend himself, MC Heam was chosen to rap over those blessed beats.

Above And Beyond

MC Heam represented to the fullest without a doubt. The lyrics and the performance of the rap record were on point detailing the theme of the track. Along with Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram, MC Heam has shined in his own way throughout the record.

His voice paves the way to set the tone of this track. And of course, with the amazing composition by the legendary A.R. Rahman, the track overall gives a vibe of its own. We sat down with MC Heam to discuss this collaboration in detail. Here’s the small interview about the song –

Q1) What was your first reaction knowing that you were going to be on a track with the legend himself, A.R. Rahman?

I don’t even remember anything. I was just feeling like this was just a roller coaster ride. Everything happened all of sudden and spontaneously. I did not really get a chance to feel and express anything.

Q2)  When you first heard the beats to the song, what were the thoughts in your head? What was the initial concept behind the song?

The first draft of the beat I worked on only had drums to work with. From there on, I got an idea how the track needs to sound like. I just knew it was going to be old school. I recorded the track on a scratch beat and the final output is just genius at work.

Q3) Finally, what is coming up next for all MC Heam fans? Let us know the next piece of music coming through your radar?

I am still in my learning process and I want to create a new sound. Very soon, I will drop a few new tracks. I want the audience to decide if it’s upto the mark. It is all on the people if they want to accept it or not. I don’t want to sound like what other people sound like. Nowadays it seems like all artists have just one state of mind when making music – 32 bars and 2 bars of hook. I want to try something different.

Watch “Ey Chhote Motor Chala” by MC Heam here –