Exclusive Interview – Enkore Raps On Raftaar’s Tere Wargi Beat

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Mumbai rapper Enkore has just released a new music video “Check Me (My Privilege)”. Using the beat Raftaar previously rapped “Tere Wargi Nai Ae” on. Enkore who recently started experimental with bilingual lyrics decided to go full English on this one. We got in touch with Enkore┬áto know more about this track with an unusual title.
Enkore - Check Me Artwork

You mentioned before release that this is a song you’ve been wanting to make for a year. Why is that so, and how do you feel now that it’s out?

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to write this song, this chorus in particular, for a while. I just realised that I dug those people a little extra who were a bit more tuned in socially and mentally, but for some reason there just weren’t enough songs being written about those people or traits that I found attractive, but there was enough about just good looks and all┬áso I thought why not! I had pieces of the chorus in my mind, and the moment I was sent the beat I knew it was finally time.

While the reaction has only been positive, this is a different direction from your previous releases. Tell us how you approached that.

I would agree and disagree, both. Musically yes, it is different from my last few releases and that’s because we as artists should always look to grow, in my opinion. I’m glad the crew and me are pushing towards that. But I also think it’s consistent with the way I’ve always approached music – spit the best raps possible to express, entertain and enrich but have fun with it too when appropriate.

The same balanced approach seemed to have gone into the video as well which looks tight. Tell us more about it?

It was just a really fun shoot. Karan and Sai from One Digital drove the vision for most of the video, with Mishaal and the team at MHM Productions completing it with their graphics and animation. I think everyone did a dope ass job!

What’s next for you and your crew Dreamteam? Any message for the fans and readers?

Lot more dope music coming from me, and the crew as a whole. Blunt and D’evil have new releases coming, with Wide Octaves soon dropping a remix as well. Want to say thank you to everyone that’s been supporting me and the crew – listener, artist, writer, event promoter, whoever you are, love and thanks. Dream!

Watch the video for Enkore’s Check Me (My Privilege) here –