Exclusive Interview – Divine Raps Fire Alongside Amit Trivedi & Irrfan Khan On “Badla”!

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Divine is now turning out to be a go-to voice for the Bollywood industry. He has done multiple appearances as a direct promo voice or a guest verse appearance on songs. This time it was for the movie “Blackmail” which is spearheaded by superstar Irrfan Khan. The same movie also featured Badshah on one of the tracks. That song was called “Happy Happy”.

Verses With A Vengeance

The tone and the concept for the song “Badla” is very different from its track list. Music industry hitmaker Amit Trivedi adds a twist to the sound and creates a fusion of heavy electro elements with Hip-Hop and some funk. To add to that Divine does a great job in executing the verse for the track.

This verse was co-written by Bombay-based emcee D’Evil and the true fans will be quick to know which of the lyrics featured were his own. D’Evil has been a part of the scene since the early beginnings and has recently dropped a string of music videos that have elevated the Bombay rap scene and pushed the sound on to newer heights.

D’Evil Interview

We decided to have a quick chat with him about the latest breakthrough as a writer on this particular Bollywood track and below is how the conversation went:

How does it feel to be working alongside Amit Trivedi and creating a great sound such as this for this movie?

Since I was working in Radio , I’ve been listening to Amit Trivedi’s music quite frequently. He always teams up with new and talented artists and his music connects mostly to the youth. It was always a dream to work with him. Everyone who knows me closely will definitely agree . Divine is one of them and he took me on board with this track as he felt that the wit required in the lyrics is something I can do Justice to. We co wrote the song on a beat that Amit gave us. The whole process took 2 days. And we were ready with a complete idea. Amit is a genius with his sounds and melodies , so is Divine with his rapping skills and delivery. It was a great vibe and we just went with it.

The lyrics talk about life and the possibilities of vengeance and revenge, the lyrics also are one of the things you notice above all else through the song. What was the writing process like for you and Divine?

We had a small chat with the director of the film and he briefed us about the thought he wants to put forward on the song. However , he did give us freedom of expression on the topic. We had to keep a few things in mind but go wild with it. Because that’s how the mood of the song was. Me and Divine sat together and kicked it off as we were pretty clear about what we wanted from the song. We had fun while doing it. Cuz we had to bring in wit and philosophy at the same time. Had to keep the balance between fun and discipline.

Seeing as the whole D’evil persona is a grimy, dark and raw one, do these types of concepts and songs come more easier to write for you?

I would say, please challenge me. I can be versatile with my persona and still maintain my D’evil vibe. Being dark and grimy for me is basics. I can fit D’evil into any theme. I just need someone to give me that opportunity. Yes I am making a variety of songs this year. With various moods and sounds. But they will still have the D’EVIL flavour.

Whats in store for us at your side of the fence? What type of music can we expect next from you?

I have many songs that are lined up to be released this year. All are unique and they are huge surprises. Songs about topics I never spoke about before. Also working in collaboration with many of my fellow artists. Shooting and writing lyrics for ‘gully boy’ the movie set is to be released next year. I have no plans but I see projects coming my way without any heads up. So I really can’t tell what’s in store for me in future. I’m just planning to take anything that comes my way. Try me out.

Watch the full video for the song “Badla” from the upcoming movie “Blackmail” and let us know what you felt about it!