Exclusive Interview – Chen-K On His Album “5:55”

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Chen-K is the person who only likes to express himself on the mic. In fact, we all hide our tears, hide our emotions, our weaknesses, and all the other feelings. Chen-K believes music is the reason why he survived from all the hurtful situations because he can say anything without worrying about the people. Basically, he likes to live his life in his own way. Furthermore, he doesn’t like to accept things that bring no happiness or satisfaction to his heart.


His interest in hip-hop started when he heard Eminem’s “Guts Over Fear” and Bohemia’s “Meri Bandook” as he could relate his life with these songs. As a matter of fact, he thought that if these artists can say anything that is unacceptable in this society with so much pride why can’t he? As a result, Chen-K gave it a try and made his first track “Kaam Haram” which got a good response and motivated him to go further.


Exclusive Interview - Chen-K On His Album "5:55"

DesiHipHop.com got in touch with Chen-K to know more about his album “5:55”

Tell us more about your album “5:55”. Why did you choose this title for the album?

It was 5:55 in the morning when I wrote the first song of the album so I just named the album 5:55 and I have 5 girlfriends too. I am just kidding, I just like to keep some things to myself and hidden from the people.



You received an overwhelming response for your album. How do you feel about it?

I feel really good of such supportive comments from my people. I read all the comments and a lot of people were thinking that this album was my revenge or something but I just want to tell them that the main reason why I made this album is to motivate people out there who faced the same situation as I did.

“Kala Jaadu” was the most loved track in the album. Describe your views about the track?

This track describes the character of women who spread corruption in the society. The concept is very deep, dark and mysterious. My personal favourite line from this track is – “DEEMAK USKI MITTI ME ITNE KE JO USE CHERDE, CHED UNKE DIL ME.”


The line meant that whoever comes in her life goes destroyed and disturbed. The whole track is actually my favourite from the album. I made the hook “TERE KAALE JAADU SE, MAIN BACHGAYA” to motivate and let the people who were cheated, lied to and hurt by someone, know that they were actually lucky and it was a blessing from Allah. So be thankful because the heart gets stronger.

Why there is no featuring artist on the album?

Because the experience I had before making this album was painful and unforgettable. I will never forget how I pushed myself to create this album. This was important for me and my soul so I wanted to take this journey alone.

You believe in working like a one-man army as you did production and engineering of the whole album by yourself. Would like to shed some light on this?

Yes, I did each and everything of the tracks, the music, mixing mastering, recording, lyrics, album designing, marketing etc. because I had experiences where I tried working with people and it’s really hard to find people with the same imagination and vision.