Exclusive Interview – Canadian Desi Unknown Mizery On His Album ‘5 Fingers of Breath’

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Sourav aka Unknown Mizery is a Canada based Desi rapper who has been in the scene for quite a long time. As a matter of fact, Unknown Mizery ventures in multiple collaborations and is a keen fan of the art of freestyle. Recently he released his fully freestyle album “5 Fingers of Breath” and it is breathtaking!

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5 Fingers of Breath 2Album Art of “5 Fingers of Breath” – Unknown Mizery

We got in touch with Mizery to know more about the album. Here’s how it went –


What’s the concept of ‘5 Fingers of Breath’?

The 5 Fingers of Breath is an album that I created within the span of 14 minutes. In America there is a show called ‘Sway in the Morning’ where he has guests freestyle over 5 beats in a row to test their skills. Their segment during this freestyle is called “The 5 Fingers of Death”. I decided to create my own version to show the industry that I can challenge the best of them, while giving them life over death. When I was visiting my hometown of Toronto earlier this August, I had a free moment to work on some music. I travelled to one of my producer’s houses. His name is Rex Seshunz, I released an album last year called “Kill The Flowers” with him on Chamber Musik Records.

We sat down at his house around 7pm on August 18th and were going through beats so I can write some music. I felt a writer’s block from all this life stress. I’m used to usually writing my best music while stressed with life, however this time I faced a cloudy writer’s block. Just couldn’t get the words through my spirit onto a paper! I then asked him to line up 5 beats on his Protools in a row and turn on the mic. That was it, I freestyled over these 5 beats without taking a pause. Everything was off the top and not pre-written. We decided we will be creating more of these freestyle albums.

That’s amazing! Explain the track-list little more, naming your favourites among the 5.

The first 2 were my favourite songs, the last one was my least favourite as I can hear my energy depleting at that point in the freestyle. The songs do not have official titles as it was a freestyle, so we called the album 5 fingers of breath. Each song represented a different spirit from each breath.

Who are your favourite freestyle rappers from South Asia?

I follow the South Asian Rap scene real close. Been following the Battle Bars Bombay league and show people around the globe the talent from the scene. My top emcees that freestyle from the South Asian scene would be KODE, EMF, Shaikhspeare and Poetik Justice. Also Ace of Mumbai’s finest – from a personal cypher we had while I was in Mumbai.

What’s in store for future for Unknown Mizery?

I have recently released a new video called Black Mirrors’ from the DesiHipHop.com released album “Sacred Soil 2”. I have a few compilations I will be featured on. “Defenders of The Culture” by Empty Handed Warriors, this tape will also have desi artist Poetik Justice as a feature. I will be on the new “Universal Collective” mixtape which is a collective to which I am the Canadian Chapter Leader. Furthermore, this tape will be brought to you by Wu-Worldwide DJ Coalition and UZD.

Finally, when it comes to new solo projects, I have a ton of material ready. I am just holding on to them as I organise a strategic release plan. I create so much music, it often gets overshadowed by itself! The next album you will all hear about is mixed, mastered and ready for release. The album is a 5 song EP called “Born 120”. This entire EP is produced by Greece’s legendary production outfit; OdessaTrickmakers. Moreover, keep your eyes on unknownmizery.com and DesiHipHop.com for all these future releases.

Check out Unknown Mizery’s interview on Chopp Shop Radio, the Wu Tang affiliated radio show hosted by the Killa Bee general Nahbi Reeality of the UZD –