Exclusive Interview – BCube Represents India At The Asia Beatbox Championship


Bhavesh Sharma aka BCube is an Indian beatboxer who recently represented the country at the Asian Beatbox Championship. Bhavesh had earlier won the National Beatbox Championship held at Nagaland which gave him direct entry into the international championship. Even though he did not win, he certainly marked a spot no other South Asian beatboxer has done yet.

BCube along with his band Euphony has also participated in the reality TV show Dil Hai Hindustani for which rapper Badshah was the judge. They were the official runner ups and won a handsome amount handed over to them by Badshah himself. We got in touch with BCube to know more about his tour, this is how it went.

bcube 1Bcube

How did your interest in hip-hop spark? When did you start beat-boxing?

I started beat-boxing when I was 14. That’s when I started listening to hip-hop music as well. Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne were popping in India at that time. I used to listen to their tracks and try to beat-box the beats of those tracks. I found it very cool. That’s how I became interested and learned a lot from hip-hop music. Beat-boxers like Reeps One, Alem, Big Ben have been a motivation for me.  There are so many beat-boxers in India now that are so so good, cannot name just a few from the scene.

Watch the video to see how sick Bcube is –

How did you enter the competition? Explain in brief what the whole competition was about.

So the competition in Taiwan was the Asian Beatbox Championship. Beatboxers from all over Asia participated. The criteria of entering the competition was like, if you want to participate you need to put a wildcard video and upload it on YouTube tagging the championship. Or you have to be the current Asian champion or a vice Asian champion.
Also if you are a national champion or a vice champion you are in. So me being the national champion, I got direct entry in the competition. However, I got out in the elimination round. Got to learn how things work internationally, what level the beatboxers have, how the battle scenes work. Got to see Beatbox legends, got to showcase my skills in front of them. Got to learn a lot! Made many friends, shared knowledge on Beatbox, music, life and more. It was great!

Share the most memorable moments from this tournament.

The entire trip itself is memorable. I jammed with the Mad Twinz who came there to judge. Also with a legend named KIM. Last day of the battle we partied there. Had drinks with many beat-boxers, like a lot of Japanese stuff! Also gave a shoutout video for a Japanese beatbox channel post partying. From this trip I got to know my level and the things I need to improve in me. I actually feel lucky that I got to compete internationally with the best beatboxers all over Asia.

Watch BCube’s performance at Asia Beatbox Championship –

You participated in Dil Hai Hindustani on Star Plus. What’s it like being on reality TV?

Being on television is huge. But reality TV sucks! Its like, you cannot display or portray true hip hop or sick music, you only have to do commercial stuff that hit the masses, so that you get more fame. You have to do what people love in order to win. The masses don’t understand hip-hop, dubstep, trap, future. Only Bollywood and Hindi commercial stuff is appreciated. But that’s cool cause after this TV show, I got lot of recognition. Many people came to know what beatbox is. I am happy that at least a few know what beat-boxing is now.

bcube dil hai hindustaniBcube and Euphony on Dil Hai Hindustani

What do you see for the future of Hip Hop in South Asia?

Times have changed I feel. Hip hop is growing and I am glad to see artists pushing as well as trying hard. South Asia has got mad potential, but we fail to impress the masses because they don’t understand hip hop. But artists here are really working hard for the culture to grow and to make people understand and show interest. Overall I feel the culture is growing fast and getting strong.