Exclusive Interview – Abhishek Talented On First Ever Hindi Rap About “Krishna”


DesiHipHop.com exclusively distributed Abhishek Talented’s track “Krishna”. As we mentioned earlier, it is the first ever Hindi rap about Lord Krishna. While the response has been overwhelming for Abhishek, there is lot more in store for his listeners. We got in touch with Abhishek to get more insight on “Krishna” as well as his plans for the future. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

abhishek talented krishna

1. When did you start rapping and how did your interest in hip hop spark?

I had started writing when I was in 10th standard. I was a lover of hiphop genre and had qualified for Dance India Dance under top 500 from the country. I used to dance on hiphop beats before I started writing over it. As a matter of fact, till today I have around 300+ tracks of my own, written composed and sung. Yes I do sing as well as rap.

2. What inspired you to write “Krishna” and how did folks at home respond to it?

As mentioned Krishna was a task for me, frankly speaking I knew very less about Krishna Ji only the omnipresent stories were in my head that generally everyone of my age knows. But that wasn’t enough to even complete a verse on him. Thus began the study.
My mum is my first listener, reviewer, critic. And yes she was stunned after listening, she was proud of the lyrics and efforts I put into it. All the 300 tracks I mentioned, she has heard it all and she is very straightforward with her choice. She praises me for good and corrects me when something is not actually likeable.

3. Elaborate your experience working with Radio Mirchi for this track.

Radio Mirchi team is a true gem. Sandeep Sir (Marketing Head) and RJ Shruti have been extra supportive towards me. They are open to any promotion I ask for and I feel blessed because not every artist gets this kind of reaction. Also, I’m good at making relations over business that is why even in the case of DHH I have good terms with Hardik Sir. I get the same care and support from him that I got from the radio team. I feel blessed!

4. Do you intend to do more tracks like “Krishna” about other Hindu Gods?

Yes! I am ready with a track for Shiv Ji. I am a Shiv Bhakt and for a fact I am working on tracks about Hanuman, Shiv Ji and Ganga Ma. It’s too soon to tell you anything about the release yet. Maybe a mixtape will be a good idea!

5. How has the audience reaction been?

Audience loved the track, people saw something different from the mainstream and got connected to it. The rap I wrote is actually Vedic verse which is very rare in the scene. Maybe that’s the USP of the track. I have always loved the response people have pondered on me, their selfless love has always been my fuel to work even harder.

6. Any message for our readers?

For the listeners, they must go and check the track called “Bihar A Rap Intro” its a rap track released by T-Series, breaking the stereotype of Biharis all over. I’d like to also promise the audience to serve them with content they wouldn’t have thought of.
There’s so much music coming this year – 
A hip hop track, hustle of an artist from my city; A love song which praises love (its a proper song with no rap); A Bollywood track details of which I cannot mention and finally an old-school kinda rap track. Promise to entertain you with only better content and good music!

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