The Spindoctor in California

Join The Churchward Pub Saturday 2/16 as we welcome international DJ The Spindoctor. Get on our free guestlist now. $10 at the door.

Sanjay Meriya, known as The Spindoctor, has established himself as a premier DJ spinning music that keeps people on the dance floor. He creates and performs electronic dance music, including remixes of club and hip hop favorites, house and amalgamations of other styles. A turntablist with various skills such as beat mixing, scratching, beat juggling, drumming, sampling etc., which allows him to teach the art of turntabilism at Audioqube, The True School of music and Party Map DJ Academy.

The Spindoctor in California

LIVE at The Churchward Pub

The Churchward Pub

1515 Park Street Alameda, CA 94501