Enkore is among the best few emcees that have been churned out as a result of the revolution of rap and hip-hop taking place in India. Along with D’evil, he forms half of the crew Munky Rhymz.

Continuously facing a battle within his priorities of his responsibility towards academia and his passion for writing, rapping and music, he just seems to be trying his best to balance both at the moment.

Using rap as a form of expression mainly, he firmly believes in speaking the truth and expressing oneself, however bitter or sweet it may be. Having
an informed opinion on social and general issues, he does talk about them while his main focus is and has always been on expressing his feelings and
emotions via his lyrics and voice.

With the right resources and exposure to complement his skill and passion for rap, there’s no telling what this 18 year old can go on to achieve as the rap underdog from India.