Enkore Proves Why He’s Bombay’s Soul On Latest Track – “Solo”!


After dropping his 2nd album, Bombay Soul – an album that is unlike any other in the Indian Hip-Hop scene, Mumbai based emcee Enkore finally drops a surprise track named “Solo”. This track has depth as well as insight into his personal struggles. Enkore has been a man of substance ever since he picked up the microphone. There are a thousand thoughts he conveys in a thousand different ways.

“Solo” continues the narration of his immediate struggles, his perspectives gained through life, and his experiences through this journey. With that signature Enkore style, the emcee wastes no time pouring his heart out on the beat. Coupled with metaphors and wordplay, the song is a vibe on its own.


Post Bombay Soul, Enkore is on his way to climb up the ladder and paving his own path doing it. He does not adapt to the culture, he lets the culture adapt to him. Being one of the most skilled lyricists in the country, there is a part of Enkore that stays grounded to his roots. This is also what makes him an artist to watch out for. He has not changed many aspects of his sound to reflect the scenes current wave. In fact, he has gone the opposite direction. Nurturing and cultivating a sound that will identify as unique and different from many that were before, and many that will come after.

This is what makes Bombay Soul a top tier album. It is nonetheless a personal album, but it reflects a side of Hip-Hop very few have yet explored. And the latest track “Solo” is another add-on to that same tune and style. This is a direction that highly skilled emcees take, and Enkore fits the bill. The video is skillfully shot and edited by Canfuse – one of the frontrunners in the music video making department.

Watch “Solo” by Enkore down below and spread the word!