Emiway’s Video Of Dynamite Is Too Hot Too Handle!


Mumbai’s very own bantai Emiway dropped the official music video of his track “Dynamite”. As a matter of fact, “Dynamite”  is beautifully conceptualised and Emiway can be seen in a different avatar. Also, you can see Emiway portraying the image of a lover boy and can be seen romancing a lady on the track as well. In addition, Emiway himself did the music for the track “Dynamite”. Furthermore, Mukkta K can be seen playing the female lead in the video. Aakib Siddique shot the music video and Black Acid Production did the editing of the video.


On the other hand, after dropping his EP “Mein”, which was his best work till now, his fans were expecting the same kind of track. But, Emiway surprised his fans and dropped a commercial number instead of hardcore hip-hop track. In addition, his tracks like “Maal Wali Aunty”, “Aur Bantai”, and “Keema” built his commercial success in the scene. However, for “Dynamite”, Emiway mentioned that this track is different and many people won’t understand after listening to it for the first time.

In context with “Dynamite”, Emiway stated, “Yeh gana bhalte bhalte mei ban gaya. Mei kuch produce karne baitha tha 3 saal pehle or aise hi sweet chords play hue or maine hook record kardia.  Muje ye acha laga so meine socha ek gana bana deta hu discribing a girl. It’s for my commercial people.”

Significant lyrics from the track

“Aisi khoob ladki dikhi toh aankhe fadakegi,

Pehle bholi dikhegi fir baat baat pe bhadkegi,

Jaat paat ko soche bina maa baap se puche bina,

Leke bhagu tujhe kahi jaha koi rehta na ho.”

Click Here To Watch “Dynamite” By Emiway