Emiway Releases The Video Of “Jhand Hai”

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Mumbai’s very own bantai is back with a brand new video called “Jhand Hai”. Emiway has beautifully conceptualised the whole track. As a matter of fact, “Jhand Hai” is produced by the artist himself. In fact, most of his tracks are produced by him. Emiway released his EP called “Mein” which was purely dedicated to hip-hop fans.
Emiway Image
Moreover, once he told me that he has an image of a commercial rapper who only talks about party and other stuff. In addition, his tracks like “Maal Wali Aunty”, “Aur Bantai”, and “Keema” built┬áhis commercial success. But, still, critics don’t consider him as a rapper and think that he can’t spit bars.
Furthermore, he dropped a track called “Tadak Padak”, which was shared by Raftaar as well. After that, he decided to drop an EP “Mein”, which was his best work till now. From his EP “Mein”, he released a video of “Jhand Hai”, which is directed by Piyush Chavan. Recently, I called Emiway and asked him about his thought behind this track, to which he replied,“Aj tak zindagi jhand hai song mei sab bata dia hu kya scene hai life mei sab sahi hai par nahi hai”.

Significant lyrics from the track

“Intezzar hai uss waqt ka, jab ghumunga mein car mein,

Jo mujhe lena hai, khud ki, kamai ke adhaar pe,

Bazaar mein jo cheezien aaj mehengi, hai mujse far hai,

Panoti, chunoti bankar mujpar sawar hai”.

Stream “Jhand Hai” By Emiway Here: