Emiway Bantai Finally Drops his Debut Album “Malum Hai Na”

“Malum Hai Na” is the famous catchphrase of Indian rapper Emiway Bantai, so it’s only right that he names his full-length album the same. Emiway has been making music since 2013 now and “Malum Hai Na” marks as his debut album (8 years in!). The project arrives independently under the Bantai Studio imprint.

The 14-track album arrives with no features, continuing Emiway’s streak of no features on his projects. The producers featured on the album includes Meme Machine, AAKASH, Flamboy, Tony James, Jaykll, Young Taylor and Ryini Beats. The album is a culmination of diverse soundscapes which Emiway is known for, with Trap, Drill, alt-Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall. Also, in Emiway’s record-breaking fashion, he achieved No. 1 position on iTunes within 35 min of dropping his debut album.

“Malum Hai Na” album follows up Emiway’s biggest collaboration track this year, “Jamaica To India” with cricketer Chris Gayle. Stream the new album below.

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