Eminem’s First Ever Performance Video Surfaces Online


Before Eminem was a diamond-selling, Grammy Award-winning MC who could pack stadiums, there was a time when he’d perform anywhere for anyone — even if it was just an outdoor park. Such is the case in a recently resurfaced video in which a 24-year-old Slim Shady is performing the song “Low Down Dirty” to a crowd of roughly 12 — and that’s being generous. Most people aren’t even watching the show, they’re just passing through the camera frame to maybe grab a hot dog or slightly singed hamburger off the grill.

“Wearing visors, sunglasses and disguises/‘Cause my split personality is having an identity crisis,” he raps. “I’m Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll, disrespectful/Hearing voices in my head while these whispers echo/(Murder-murder, redrum)/Brain size of a bread crumb/Which drug will I end up dead from/Inebriated ‘til my stress is alleviated/How in the fuck can Eminem and Shady be related?”

The young ambitious rapper is commanding the stage as he spits alongside members of D12. The nearly five-minute clip was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2017. It is allegedly from 1996, three years before Eminem signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records. “Low Down, Dirty” was ultimately released on the Detroit-bred rhymer’s Slim Shady EP in 1997.


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Since then, Eminem has become one of the best-selling artists of all time and a pop culture icon.

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