Eminem Sets The Record Straight About His Greatest Rappers of All-Time List


On June 14, Eminem decided to reply to the age old question: “Who The Greatest Rapper Of All-Time?” YouTuber NoLifeShaq recently posted a video of himself DM’ing 30 rappers on Instagram to find out who they think is the greatest rapper of all time. Amongst the group that was asked, “Who is the greatest rapper of all time?” was Eminem, but the celebrated rapper did not respond in time for the video.

To the host’s surprise, he got an answer from the one and only Slim Shady on Twitter. The diamond-selling MC wrote “For me, in no particular order… Toss up between wayne, pac, royce, jay, redman, treach, g. rap, biggie & king crook.” Following the first set of name with another tweet, “Plus redman, LL, nas, joyner, kendrick, cole, andre, rakim, kane…”.

The last time Em touched on the subject was on his single “‘Til I Collapse,” in which he raps, “I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in/It goes Reggie, Jay-Z, 2Pac and Biggie/André from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me.”

HEADER IMAGE by Getty Images/Gary Miller