Eminem names KXNG Crooked as Most Underrated Rapper Of All-Time


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Marshall Mathers EP, Eminem participated in a live chat with his fans via Spotify on May 27. As he was overwhelmed by hundreds, maybe thousands of questions, he made it a point to answer at least one. When asked who he thought the most underrated rapper was, Em replied, “most underrated rapper? kxng crook.”

Screenshot of the Live chat (from HipHopDX)

Of course, Shady is referring to the one and only KXNG Crooked (or Crooked I). The two longtime collaborators have been friends for years and Crooked is one of the few rappers Em sat down with for an interview. Upon hearing about the ultimate co-sign, Crooked told HipHopDX he owes Em a bit of gratitude.

“That means a lot coming from a Jedi man,” KXNG Crooked told HipHopDX. “I’m grateful for his willingness to speak positive things about me in public because he doesn’t have to. I guess sometimes it takes a master to recognize another one. Thanks for showing me because I know to thank him now.”

Before the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the world, Em and Crooked chopped it up for an episode of Crook’s Corner shortly after the January release of Music To Be Murdered By.

HEADER IMAGE from Crook’s Corner by KXNG Crooked