Eminem has Launched “Mom’s Spaghetti” Restaurant in Detroit with Grand Opening

Mom’s Spaghetti – the concept restaurant featuring menu items centered around the legendary lyric from Eminem’s iconic “Lose Yourself” – has opened a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Detroit. Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg partnered with Union Joints restaurant group to create the permanent location.

“We’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together with the folks at Union Joints, and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive,” Paul Rosenberg said in a statement. “The previous pop-ups were really a test for us to determine whether there was enthusiasm for a regularly-occurring Mom’s Spaghetti spot that would be open all year long.

Eminem fans were also met with an unexpected surprise when Slim Shady himself showed up at the grand opening of Mom’s Spaghetti in Detroit on Sept. 29. Not only did Eminem make an appearance, he also worked the drive-thru of his new restaurant, greeting patrons with a middle finger. Wearing a hoodie and still rocking his grown-man beard, Eminem served up $9 cartons of spaghetti (or $12 with meatballs), $11 “s’ghetti” sandwiches and $14 cartons of spaghetti with vegan meatballs to shocked fans who likely weren’t expecting to see the diamond-selling rapper at the drive-thru window.

Check out the 30-second Ad spot for “Mom’s Spaghetti” below.

HEADER IMAGE by Scott Legato/Getty Images