EMF VS Shreyas Gives B3 India’s First Finalist For Best Battle Rapper!

This match-up could be called as a throwback to B3: Civil War. We now see that a new king – Shreyas (Pune) goes toe to toe with an OG – EMF. The matchup was as intense as it could have gotten.

Story Of The Battle God

EMF Aka Battle God is one of the fiercest battle rapper this country has to offer. EMF has a reputation for destroying each and every MC that has ever tried to cross his way and has made sure that it stays that way. The highly competitive MC stands out in every sense of the word in battle Rap.
Be it his performance or wit, or punches, or delivery, anything, EMF is one MC every other rapper should watch out for before they put their verdict against him. With a clean record of lyrical murders against Quixotic, D’Evil, Infamous, Sai and Kode, this Bombay Veteran was all set to go against the Pune’s Battle Rap prodigy, Shreyas Sagvekar.

A New King Rises

Shreyas, although a relatively new name in the scene has proven that just because he is new to the scene, he isn’t taken to be a rookie. The multi-talented MC who is well versed with music production and composition, has surely made a mark for himself in the underground scene. This is not going to be Shreyas’ first time on B3.

He has had a really good history with his tag team battle against Sai and Aravind, and also against Rapture in Hunting Season. The Pune’s Prodigy was here for blood this time as this might prove as his last shot for the title. And he was surely going to prove his prowess at this battle.


At the Art Of War 2 event, Shreyas failed to deliver to the extent that he could. He kept fighting until the last round, but EMF had a clean landslide victory. Barraging Shreyas with a ton of conceptual, comedic and heavy bars round after round, the young veteran had no answer to these punches. Shreyas did his thing though, and did not go easy. He left with his head held high.