Emcee Feral On A Hip-Hop Jugalbandi at Dell’s Got Talent


On April 27th, Dell’s Got Talent hosted a company wide intra site music competition. Emcee Feral, underground emcee from New Delhi City was selected to perform in Mohali at the final event. Check out his performance below fusing Hip-Hop with a Classical Indian jugalbandi featuring singer Tanmoy Mukherjee. A jugalbandi is a performance in Indian classical music that features a duet of two solo musicians. The word jugalbandi means, literally, “entwined twins” and can be either vocal or instrumental. As you can see, Indian and South Asian mass public in general is still trying to grasp the concept of Hip-Hop, in the end, only the strong will survive. Shout out to Emcee Feral for breaking the traditional mold and attempting to fuse the Hip-Hop and Desi cultures. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.