E3 Video Series By Famous Family & GOGA Sets Benchmark For Indian Hip Hop Dance

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Desi Hip Hop has always strived to be more inclusive of all the elements of hip hop. It is safe to say that if rap has existed in South Asia since the past decade, then hip hop as a dance form has existed for well over two decades. One of the frontrunners of the hip hop dance scene is the crew Famous Family. Till now we have scene them rock to the tunes of Desi rap music that have set viral trends. Their recent project however is one for the books of history of hip hop in India. It is a collaboration between Tejasvi Patil aka Tee J from the crew, with a brilliant artist named Rishabh Puthran aka GOGA. Together the two of them have produced this stellar three part video series.

E3 – Egg, Evolution, Ego

A combination of music, dance, fashion and the overall attitude of being a boss – that sums up this unique project known as ‘E3 – Egg, Evolution, Ego’. Every individual grows through the experiences they have in their lifetime which begins in the form of an Egg. Breaking out of which we go through Evolution, eventually coming face to face with our own Ego. This beautiful message is portrayed in the form of dance in three video parts, all of which look nothing less than a well documented fashion film too.


Choosing the music for this music video, where one essentially sees the inception of life in the form of an Egg, came from a personal inspiration of Tee J from the Famous Family. Talking about which she shares,  “During quarantine I realised that focusing on something that adds meaning and purpose in your life is really essential for your growth. As I was struggling to find a nudge for me to start working on my art again, Beyoncé came up with her film ‘BLACK IS KING’. I was smitten as the movie had left a big impact on me and at that very moment, I got immensely inspired to create something of my own.”

Watch the first music video ‘EGG’ from the three part series of E3 by Famous family here –


The narration in the beginning of each part feels quite surreal, taking the viewers through a journey that connects with them deeply. If you’re someone who appreciates art and fashion, Tee J has wrapped it all up with her brilliant series. “If we really put our heart, soul and sweat into something, it opens the gates to make impossible really possible. I was skeptical of my vision at first but after sharing it with my friend Rishabh Puthran (Goga), the ball got rolling. He immediately came on board and so did my famous family members Tanuj, Lily and Kartik. As they all believed in what I wanted to create,” Tee J adds.

Watch the second music video ‘EVOLUTION’ from the three part series of E3 by Famous family here –


Coming to the final stage of the song, this one’s a personal favourite! The charisma of all four dancers – Tee J, Kartik, Tanuj and Lily just oozes through the screen. While GOGA did a fantabulous job capturing the essence of this unique project through cinema, Tee J took the lead in designing each and every look for the E3 series along with her sisters Pranchal and Doyel.

“When you see the video, it looks like a four minute video with several locations. However, it is actually a piece of my heart that I finally wanted to share. Showcasing FASHION, DRAMA, THEATRE and MOVEMENT. I am supremely grateful to have found the right people, who worked with me for three months to get the outcome to look like this. Through this, I understood it takes real courage to follow that one voice in your head and NO MATTER WHAT, even if it makes you doubt yourself sometimes, YOU SHOULD JUST GO FOR IT.”

Watch the final music video ‘EVOLUTION’ from the three part series of E3 by Famous family here –