That Dude AJ VS The Quixotic Gives B3 India’s Second Finalist For Best Battle Rapper!


B3 India has brought back a lost art-form in the Indian Rap Culture. The major roots of Indian Hip-Hop are intertwined with a form of battle-rap known as ‘text battling’.  During its inception, there used to be text battles hosted by a community on the then popular social media website ‘Orkut’. This community was called ‘Insignia Rap Combats’ and  the members of this group were known as the Insignians.

Back To The Masters

At B3 India – AOW2, we witnessed a legendary battle between two different Insignians. Hailing all the way from Delhi, he was a top Insignian back in the day and still proves to be a force to be reckoned with in the ring. He keeps the legacy of the battle rap scene alive with every battle. On the other side, hailing from Pune, an emcee who literally has not dipped his level of lyricism down throughout his 10-year run with battle rap – That Dude AJ.

TDA was and still is a revered name in the battle rap scenario.  He was one of the strongest Insignians in terms of lyrical ability and he has put those skills on blast on B3 too. To put things in perspective, TDA has not written or spit a whack bar in about 10 years. Thats more than longevity. That is sheer talent and hard work.

A Battle For The Ages

The Insignians went bar-for-bar in their battle. Both the emcees had immense pressure from a personal standpoint. Quixotic was suffering from the flu for a month until the day of battle. And TDA had encountered a personal issue the night before the battle. But that did not stop both of these emcees from doing their thing on the day of battle.

TDA stepped up to the stage and delivered what one could call the best 3 rounds of battle rap in Indian Hip-Hop history! The battles will start dropping soon, but be assured that you will get the same quality of battles as always via B3 India!

Watch more of TDA & Quixotic below!