Drega broke out into the mainstream in April 2007 with a guest appearance on The Bilz hit song Spanish Fly (O Meri Rani) achieving over 550,000 views on Youtube. His performance on that track and appearance in the music video led The Bilz to invite Drega to feature on a promo record, This is Why We Hot (Over 330,000 Youtube views). The song featured heavy weights in the burgeoning urban-desi scene such as Nivla, Kashif and Kateyez. Both moves proved highly successful as they exposed the young artist to an entirely new fan base, mainly in the United Kingdom, United States, India and the Middle East.

By September 2007, Drega had developed a following within the urban-South Asian scene but wanted to expand his base as well as his skill set. The opportunity came when in September 2007, Toronto’s own Dj Andre 905 asked him to join the radio show he was starting called Royalty Radio.   By February 2009, Drega had enough material to release Spaceships & Ferraris a mixtape which included an assortment of freestyles, dubs and original material. “My goal with the mixtape was to display my well timed flow, witty lyricism and a little of my soul, and I think I did that…I also wanted to get any mistakes out of the way before I dropped an album” notes Drega.

“As an artist I’ve always felt like I have such a great story to tell from being born in India to growing up in Toronto and having friends of every race and religion, I feel lucky to learn from all these cultures. Coming into this album, I felt this is finally my year and hence…Man of the Year” Drega explains. Set for a spring 2011 release date through Drega’s own label Colonial Records, Drega’s title just may prove prophetic.