Drega Signs to Bilz Music

Drega is the second act to sing to Bilz Music after the trio The Bilz and Kashif. Drega worked with this group 2 Bilz albums ago on the song “O Meri Rani (Spanish Fly).” Teaming up for more music we hope that Drega heads into the studio with The Bilz and Kashif again.

Dregas new deal only further enables his solo music career as Bilz Music will release Drega’s forthcoming album Let’s Go Nice.┬áThe album will be followed up with two music videos and it doesn’t stop there. “My goal with signing with to Bilz Music is to change the status quo,” Drega reveals in a press release. “I want people to question what they think a normal rapper should look, sound, and act like. I want to show people you can’t generalize anyone, especially us young people. We’re all complex. Were all fighting against the old ways of doing things. I’m not concerned with making a bunch of money and retiring, I just want to make history and add to the culture rather than saturate it.”

Drega, we have our eyes on you!