Drakeo The Ruler Drops A Drake-Feature with his New Mixtape Release


It’s The Ruler meets the 6 God. After teasing its release for months, Drakeo The Ruler shared his new single, the Drake-assisted “Talk To Me,” on Feb. 23. The single comes alongside Drakeo’s new mixtape “The Truth Hurts”.

While the song’s smoothed-out production and Drake’s crooning on the hook might sound like a love song at first, Drakeo’s bars shift the trick into street ballad mode. Drake takes the hook, showing his moody side as he croons, “’Cause I know you want me, girl.” Drakeo, meanwhile, touches on his time in prison. “Ain’t get a letter, I was strugglin’ and fightin’,” he raps. “With these peoples, they was demons / Tried to put me in a cage, was sayin’ ‘Free me.’”

During an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, Drakeo explained how the collaboration came together. After Drakeo’s engineer encouraged him to reach out on social media, Drake hit him back with the song, which didn’t feel like a good fit at first. “At first, I was like, ‘That’s kind of different, but I’m like, nah. This Drake. I’m finna do whatever,’” Drakeo recalled. “I don’t usually really do something like that. But then when I got on it, I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, this hard.’”

The Los Angeles rapper, who was released from prison in November following a contentious legal battle. Back in 2019, Drakeo spent a year in jail despite being found not guilty on counts of murder and attempted murder. The office of former L.A. County district attorney Jackie Lacey decided to try Drakeo on gang charges, famously using the rapper’s lyrics against him in court.

The song appears on Drakeo’s new mixtape The Truth Hurts, which is available for streaming right now.

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