Dr. Dre Enters Pharmacy World With Hemptiff Cannabinoid Oil

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Dr. Dre is one of, if not THE most, successful Hip-Hop stories in the culture today. From putting himself on top of the rap game with his production skills, or launching artists that helped shape the pop culture of the 21st century. He’s seen it all, he’s done it all. And he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Dr. Dre has changed the levels of how the sound of Hip-Hop is perceived worldwide. He tied hands with Apple and sold his brainchild – the premium headphone brand “Beats By Dre” – to the company in 2014. This move also propelled the Hip-Hop mogul to newer heights. But what really added to his already elite status is the field he chose to delve into next.


The Doctor Will See You Now

Right after the move from Beats, Dr. Dre and long time colleague, former co-founder of Beats and friend Jimmy Iovine turned their attention to the world of pharmacy. They have now profoundly invested in their line of medical-grade cannabis oils and products.

Dr. Dre is a well known name and face in the push for Marijuana. Not to mention, The Chronic & The Chronic 2001 were huge hits and still evergreen and just as fresh in every Hip-Hop head’s (and non-hiphop head’s) circle. He has also been an enforcer in the legalisation of cannabis and hemp product.

Dr.Dre  Hemptiff Cannabinoid Oil

Recently, Dr. Dre was diagnosed with diabetes. And he has since then shifted to the consumption of cannabis CBD oil as opposed to marijuana to inhibit and treat the same. And, as an advocate, he is now looking to sell only the best quality cannabis oil to treat other people as well.

Cannabinoid oil has been extremely beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, stress, anxiety, insomnia and other disorders and diseases. CBD oils break away from the traditional medications and suppresses, reverses and completely cures the disease.

Dr. Dre is now stepping in to save and improve countless lives with “Hemptiff CBD Oil”. After research and investments (approx. $100 million) spanning over two decades across entire continents, these oils have been personally tried and tested by Dre himself.

Hemptiff – The Science Behind The Miracle

Hemptiff stands ready to launch and revolutionise the pharmacy world. Due to the very nature of the marijuana plants, these derivations of it do not have any adverse effects on the body and have zero withdrawal symptoms too. This is why Cannabinoids are going to change the pharma game forever.

CBD Oils, unlike their THC counterparts, are non-psychoactive and hence do not alter the mindstate of the consumer. There are significant changes in the body however, ranging from improved digestion, sleep cycles and decreased stress, anxiety and so on.

Dr.Dre  Hemptiff Cannabinoid Oil

CBD also alleviates chronic pain, arthritis, schizophrenia, strokes, heart disease and cancer. It is a wonder medicine that occurs naturally within the Hemp plant.

Dr. Dre has taken a stand and personally shown the people that the alternative medicine era is the way to go. The legality of Hemptiff is not an issue, as it is legal in all 50 states of America. It is also a cost effective method to treat illness and it is perfectly safe.

Who would have thought Hip-Hop could take us this far?

When DHH thinks about Hip-Hop, we don’t restrict ourselves within geographical boundaries. This achievement by Dr. Dre is a first of its kind in Hip-Hop history and it affects the culture positively. From making music, to selling headphones, and now onward into the world of pharmacy. Dr. Dre has further cemented his legendary status and proved that nothing in this world is impossible, and that we have the power to make all our dreams come true.

Natural remedies are often overlooked due to lack of research or negligence. The top pharma companies or doctors endorse certain brands of medicine to their patients because of the money involved. In a world where we have overpriced medicines that sometimes adversely impact our health, alternative medicine shines through.


Dr. Dre has now lived up to his name in every sense of the word. He has set a benchmark for artists of his generation by his actions and his message to the world. It is because of moves like these that many lives will be better and people have a reason to smile during their days. More power to Hemptiff and the betterment of human lives worldwide.