Dopeadelicz Latest Music Video Is A Creative Masterpiece!

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The journey has come back full circle for Dharavi based Hip-Hop pioneers Dopeadelicz. There is a certain level of respect that the team deserves for the moves they have been making. More so when you see the effort pay back in it’s due time. One of Mumbai Hip-Hop’s most anticipated videos by Stony Psyko (of Dopeadelicz) has just launched and is on it’s way to be a viral hit!


“Aai Shapat Saheb” is a song that was released around 2013, although not officially laid down as a track on their channels, the song became a huge sensation in and around Mumbai. Inspired by true events in the rappers’ lives, the song narrated and showcased the hypocrisies of the system in a simplistic and upfront manner.

What Goes Around

In 2019, Dopeadelicz have already played major music festivals and events. They have become highly coveted assets to the Indian Hip-Hop industry. Making waves pan-India in their own style and flow. This is a song that inspired many current Dharavi talents in a time when there were only two major Hip-Hop crews in their vicinity.

The music video to this song has done more than justice to the song, it has uplifted the essence of the song. Creative directed by Stony Psyko himself, the video reflects the exact ideas that ran through his mind when creating the song. The integration of multiple characters, the acting, the action – this is a music video that brings the emotion to real life, just what the song had done years ago.

Watch the video down below and catch up to  the wave!