Dopeadelicz Album Review – ‘Mapulz’ Stands The Test Of Time

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Desi Hip Hop prides on finding and acknowledging the best of the music coming out of the South Asian movement. One of such crews that we have been avidly fond of is Dopeadelicz from the heart of Mumbai i.e. Dharavi. If there was anyone who inspired the whole next generation of Dharavi’s hip hop scene, it would be these two individuals. Established in 2012, this duo has been consistently climbing the ladders artistically as well as in their hustle.

Stony Pysko and Dope Daddy 

The Beginning

Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psyko and Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka Dope Daddy met more than a decade ago. Their friendship has stood the test of time, seeing the rise of the Hip Hop scene in India right before their eyes. Both of them stay true to their roots, representing the majority of South side thriving in Dharavi. Letting their talent speak for itself, both the emcees have consistently grown their own sound collaborating with various producers to create a sound that is truly authentic. This very uniqueness is what has earned them strides in Bollywood as well as Tollywood. In not just music, but on screen acting as well!


As a matter of fact, the duo rose to fame with the strong stand they took in efforts to support the legalisation of marijuana in India. Through the music video ‘Legalise It’, Stony and Dope Daddy passionately advocate the recreational use of marijuana, by highlighting the positive traits of this natural plant. Another viral music video was ‘Aai Shapath Saheb Me Navtho’ which means ‘Mother promise officer, it wasn’t me!’. The satirical music video shows the corrupt side of police officers who turn a blind eye towards actual injustice, but are the first ones to catch hold of someone in hopes of earning a few sleazy bucks.


“We used to call each other Mapul since day one way before than Dopeadelicz was created. Dopeadelicz was established when these Mapulz decided to share their dreams and aimed for a single goal. Mapulz is not just a word to define friendship, But an emotion to express your love and respect for each other. To all my Mapulz, we will rise thru all the pain and make it rain.” – Dopeadelicz

After a decade of making conscious hip hop music the duo has come out with their debut album ‘Mapulz Vol 1’. The ten track album also includes the aforementioned song ‘Aai Shapath Saheb Me Navtho’. Producers Bluesanova and Captain Fuse have contributed to the majority of the album’s music. Dancehall producer Su Real has produced the groovy tune of the hit Tamil anthem ‘Kelu’ from the album. ‘Vishama’ and ‘Wake Up’ both are conscious raps urging people to not be blindfolded by hatred and bigotry.

‘Daddy’s Daughter’ is a personal fan favourite, where Dope Daddy bears his heart out for his baby girl Rifa. ‘United Cypher’ features the whole of Dharavi United, giving you a gist of what the future holds for the music coming out of here. The title track ‘Mapul’ has its own meaning behind it, which Stony Psyko and Dope Daddy have extensively shared with us.

“We always address our friend as a brother aka ‘Mapul’ in Tamil. The relation between two Mapulz is more than that. Our journey in life with music has been challenging as well as exciting. All the hard times only made us stronger. We wanted to share this experience with you through our music. While searching for a good name for the album we decided to go with the name Mapul as it defines our friendship, brotherhood, family, loyalty and respect for each other.” 

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