Don’t Miss! Divine, Raja Kumari, Emiway, Bombay Lokal And Prabh Deep In BBC Cypher


The Bobby Friction Show team from BBC Asian Network were in Mumbai recently shooting a project. Most of the heavy details seem to be under wraps. But we know for sure there is a radio documentary coming up on the way. While in Mumbai, Bobby Friction took the time to connect with local emcees. He also recorded their thoughts/opinions on the status of Hip-Hop in India.

Not only were there interviews conducted, there were separate videos taken of each and every emcee going ham on the mic. This article contains a couple of videos from the visit of Bobby Friction in Mumbai. It features Divine, Raja Kumari, Prabh Deep, Emiway and Bombay Lokal spitting bar after bar performing for the BBC Asian Network.

It’s a great thing to know that the professional emcees from in and around the city were chosen for this cypher. Bombay Lokal themselves are on a come up run with the kind of music that is on its way. Even their beatboxers have done a great job showcasing their talent.

Emiway x Bombay Lokal x Prabh Deep

This showcase is extremely special because it combines three distinct styles and features them in the limelight together. Emiway spits raw bars off of his hit single “Sadak”. Prabh Deep goes in with his innate freestyle abilities. Mixing and matching words as it creates a portrait of its own. Shaikhspeare and Gravity from Bombay Lokal take it up a notch by showing the world their proficiency and talent bar after bar.

This is also truly a great moment to see this Gang of emcees represent the sounds of India. And to do it so well on a great platform. Watch the video below to witness each of their styles and comment who you thought was the better emcee. Don’t forget to share the video with your friends!

Raja Kumari x Divine

Desi Hip Hop superstars Raja Kumari and Divine also set the stage on fire by performing one of their hit singles “City Slums”. Performed along with the live band this rendition of the song still keep your feet moving as we get to witness the impeccable talent of both the emcees.

Watch the full video for the rendition of “City Slums” performed live by Raja Kumari and Divine for the BBC Asian Network down below! Don’t forget to share the video and comment on how you felt it was.